Not sure which diaper is the best fit for your baby? Or looking for a great baby shower gift that nearly every parent would love to have? Diaper Dabbler has the solution! Common advice for finding the best diapers is “trial and error”. With Diaper Dabbler, you get MORE trial with less error in a convenient sample pack of a variety of disposable diapers, which includes all the major brands plus some of the latest and greatest.

We offer a variety of sample diaper options for every parent:

After you have tried a variety of sample brands, you are sure to find the right diaper to fit your baby and your lifestyle.

So, how do you find the best diaper that not only fits your baby but also your lifestyle?  There are a variety of diaper options to consider:

  • Material – How does the diaper feel?  How breathable is it?  Some are soft and cloth-like, others feel like a paper bag or feel and sound like plastic.
  • Leak Protection – All diapers claim to have leak protection, but how well?  How does the diaper fit around Baby’s waist and legs?  Are you finding yourself changing outfits as often as you change diapers?
  • Cost – Diapers range from $0.12-$0.38 per diaper, depending on quantity, size, etc.  A newborn may go through 140+ diapers in just the first two weeks – worth it for the right diaper, but a huge waste for the wrong ones!
  • Ingredients – Some diapers contain chlorine, perfume, phthalates, lotions, latex, optical brighteners, and/or PVC, while others are compostable, contain renewable materials, or are plastic free.  Some chemicals may cause rashes on Baby’s sensitive skin.

We could go on and on with features and options each brand boasts, but none of it matters unless it fits.  Diaper Dabbler allows anyone to trial a variety of diaper brands for the cost of a single pack of diapers. We currently offer 18 different brands / types of disposable diapers in a selection of diaper variety packs.

We can even put together a custom diaper sample pack, with the variety of diapers and the combination that you want to try out – just contact us with your request!

We also have a great free printable diaper brand rating chart included in every disposable diaper sample pack that you can use to remember which diapers you liked, which you didn’t, and ultimately which to keep buying.

Come say Hi on Facebook, see what we have coming up, or share your diapering misadventures.  We’d love to hear from you!

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