Discover the Secret to Eliminating Diapering Disasters

Now you can affordably experience MORE trial AND a lot less error while trying to find the perfect diaper.

Here’s How!

Diaper Dabbler will put together a convenient, personalized sample pack featuring different types of disposable diapers. Your shipment will include major brands, plus some of the latest and greatest diapers on the marketplace.

Our custom diaper sampling service is a stress-free way to experiment with  diapers without wasting time and money. We’ll bet your parents and grandparents wish we’d been around when they were new parents!

We offer a broad selection of popular, eco-friendly, and premium brands, fit for a little Prince or Princess

So, how do you select the perfect diaper? Below, are important factors to consider:

  • Material – How does the diaper feel?  How breathable is it?  Some are soft and cloth-like, others feel like a paper bag or feel and sound like plastic.
  • Leak Protection – All diapers claim to have leak protection, but how well? 
  • Fit  –  How does the diaper fit around Baby’s waist and legs?  Are you changing outfits as often as you change diapers?
  • Cost – Diapers range from $0.12-$0.38 per diaper, depending on quantity, size, etc.  A newborn may go through 140+ diapers in just the first two weeks – worth it for the right diaper, but a huge waste for the wrong ones!
  • Ingredients – Some diapers contain chlorine, perfume, phthalates, lotions, latex, optical brighteners, and/or PVC, while others are compostable, contain renewable materials, or are plastic free.  Some chemicals may cause rashes on Baby’s sensitive skin.

Halt Diapering Disasters Before They Occur!

None of the features, options, or benefits of a brand really matter unless the diaper is a good fit for YOUR BABY. Here are a few of the multiple benefits you’ll enjoy while using our service:

·        You will get to sample a variety of diaper brands for the cost of a single pack of diapers.

·        You will conveniently select diapers from an AWESOME SELECTION  of 21 different brands / types of disposable diapers in a selection of diaper variety packs.

·        You’ll be able to customize your own diaper sample pack, with the variety of diapers and the combination that you want to try out – just contact us with your request!

·        You’ll receive a free, printable diaper brand-rating chart with every disposable diaper sample pack. It’s a handy way to remember which diapers you liked, which ones you didn’t, and which ones to reorder.

Sampler Packs also make wonderful, practical baby shower presents! 


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SALEPrepared Parent - 26 varieties!
Not sure where to start?  The Prepared Parent (approx. $120 value plus FREE shipping) includ..
$89.99 $68.99
SALEPrepared Parent - 26 varieties!
$89.99 $68.99