Top Baby Shower Trends

Showers have changed quite a bit in recent years.  They have become more adult-themed, more practical, even including the dads-to-be.  Just take an upcoming childbirth, add good food, good friends, good conversation, and have a shower the parents-to-be will love!

The shower doesn’t have to be “traditional”, there are so many options, from the mini-shower “sprinkle” to fun events that parents enjoy to a gift theme that all babies need, like diapers (Diaper Dinner), meals (Supper Solutions), and books (Storytime showers).

1. Long Distance Showers and Virtual Baby Showers
Let's face it, no one goes to a shower for the games.  Maybe for the food.  But mostly to celebrate and honor Mom and the new arrival.  But what do you do when the new Mom or Dad live 100's of miles away from friends and family.  Solution - Long distance shower.  My favorite idea is when the host coordinates with the guests to send gifts at staggered points, so the parents-to-be receive gifts almost every day in the weeks before Baby arrives.  Who doesn't love to get mail?  Plus, it supports the postal service, who I think we all agree could use an influx of cash right now. Dwell on Joy threw a long distance shower for her sister-in-law, I love how she organized it.


I love her wording, SO cute.  Plus, this is what she sent to the new Mom and Dad to tell them about the shower:

2. Diaper Dinners
This is a great idea for repeat moms, who already have some kids clothes, the stroller, the pack n play, the crib, and all that other Baby Gear.  What Any mom needs, whether it’s their 1st or 10th child, is diapers.  The Diaper Dinner is a great alternative Baby Shower, where everyone can get together, eat, visit, and have a great time, while stocking Mom with a much needed stash of diapers.  You never know which diapers will work with the new Baby, depending on skin sensitivity, skinny vs. chubby fit, etc.  It’s great for Mom to have a small amount of many different brands so she can see what works on her baby.  Prep can be as simple as friends getting together for a potluck or as fancy dinner party as you like. Good food, good friends, good conversation, and a well stocked closet of diapers.  What more could expectant parents want?

3. Sip and See
The Sip n See is for after the Baby is born.  Sip champagne or Mom’s favorite drinks, see the New Baby.  Mom gets a chance to see friends and family, friends and family get to visit mom and see/hold a new baby! Check out some great pictures and ideas at Hostess with the Mostess' blog:

Sparkling Sip & See Baby Shower

4. Sprinkle
A sprinkle is just like it sounds – a mini shower.  YES, it IS okay to have a shower for Mom’s 2nd, 3rd or 8th baby.  All babies can and should be celebrated.

5. Mother Blessings
What a great way to celebrate not only the upcoming Baby, but Mom and the upcoming wonderful yet challenging transition in her life. Mom will be pretty busy and exhausted when Baby comes.  What better than to have a day to celebrate and enjoy herself. Maureen over at Homemade Mothering hosted a Knitting shower.  Each of the attendants knit a square, and all were combined to make a blanket for Baby.  They had someone there to teach the entire group.

6. Supper Solutions

For new parents, even eating can be a challenge.  Shower the parents-to-be with frozen crock pot meals, casseroles, soups, one handed foods, everything they need to easily eat with they are too exhausted to think

7. Storytime Shower
Every baby needs a library!

9.  Eco friendly Baby Showers
Parents everywhere are going green as they prepare for the new addition.  Support their efforts with eco-friendly options, like nontoxic baby toys and essentials, reusable serving ware and decorations, cloth diapers.

9.  Vintage
So many things you can go with for this theme. Lilac n Lavendar has some lovely ideas and printables:


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Here’s one to get you started: Unwrap Presents As Guests Come In: as guests came into the party, steer them towards a table where the parents-to-be open the gift on the spot. Each and the new parents get a little one on one time, allowing them to give an personal thank you for the gift that was brought. The gifts can then displayed on a table so everyone can see, making a great conversation starter.