Aleva Naturals - Parents have even more choices when it comes to sampling eco-friendly diapers! via @diaperdabbler
Welcome to the Diaper Dabbler family, Aleva Naturals!

There’s a new diaper brand in town. Well, they’re not new. In fact, they’ve been proudly making these diapers in Canada for quite some time now, but just made a splash into the US market within the last year or so. Diaper Dabbler is proudly partnering with Aleva Naturals to get their great bamboo diaper samples out to new parents everywhere. Parents can try these fabulous diapers right alongside other eco-friendly diapers and find out which one is the best for THEIR little one.
Aleva Naturals Bamboo baby diapers are a premium eco-friendly diaper. They are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and chlorine free, dye free and latex free.
Aleva Naturals diaper samples are now available in Diaper Dabbler variety packs! via @diaperdabbler
From their website:
“Traditional diapers are bleached with harsh chemicals, and the residue from these bleaching agents may be one of the many causes of skin irritations and rashes. Bamboo has an anti-bacterial agent called Bamboo-Kun, and therefore does not require bleaching. For this reason, Bamboo Baby Diapers will give moms the peace of mind that they are providing the best for their baby’s precious skin. 
Bamboo Baby Diapers are ultra-soft with a cloth-like feel to provide the maximum comfort for your baby. These disposable diapers are extra-strong with flexible side panels, a breathable back layer and a pocketed back waistband to ensure a snug and comfy fit for your baby. For extra leakage protection, our double sided leak guards are snug around the legs, while the 3 line wetness indicator changes colour to alert parents it is time to change their baby’s diaper. Aleva Naturals® Bamboo Baby™ Diapers are the comfortable, affordable and eco-friendly choice!”
I’ve had a chance to touch and play with their diapers, and they are noticeably softer than the traditional diapers on the market. If you normally use bamboo diapers, you know what I’m talking about. Bamboo diapers are just a whole new category of softness and comfort. They define “premium eco-friendly diaper”.

These diapers are sized a bit different than “traditional” US sizes. Here’s the breakdown. Aleva Natural’s size nb-1 fits babies 4-9 pounds. That would fall into a “traditional” Newborn size (by US sizing). But you’ve got to see these diapers. They look exactly like a size 1 diaper, size-wise. Diaper Dabbler is pairing them in our size 1 sampler packs because these diapers are going to fit just like it says on the package-both Newborn and size 1 babies. Their size 3 diapers fit just like a “traditional” size 3. They baby weight is a tiny bit different (13-24 lbs.), but it fits just right.

Aleva Naturals diapers can be purchased through their website, and on Amazon and Price-wise, they are comparable to other premium eco-friendly diapers.

Aleva Naturals diapers are now available as 3-pack samples through Diaper Dabbler. They are packaged with other eco-friendly diapers in the Mother Earth (size 1 and size 3), Mega Mom and Prepared Parent variety packages. Their sample packs are also available singly as a custom add-on in size 1 and size 3. Now it’s even simpler to try all your favorite diapers and compare them side by side. Other environmentally friendly diaper samples currently available include Babyganics, Bambamboos, Bambo, Earth’s Best, Naty and Seventh Generation.
Aleva Naturals - Parents have even more choices when it comes to sampling eco-friendly diapers! via @diaperdabbler
Have you tried Aleva Naturals diapers? I’d love to hear what you thought of them!