Practical Gifts for a Newborn

By Julie Siewert

Practical Gifts for a Newborn

This is the gift-giving time of year.

I love the holidays and I enjoy giving thoughtful, useful gifts. But when you have a new baby on your gift list, it can be hard to decide what to buy them. There is probably little that they need, but you also don't want to skip over them just because they can't thank you yet.


Here are some of my favorite Mom-approved gifts for a new baby:


What do babies wear more than pajamas? Super-soft bamboo jammies are perfect for new babies (or not so new babies).

Shop Little Sleepies here

Toddler wearing Banana Baby Bamboo Zippy Pajamas


New parents will appreciate hands-free snuggling with a SleepBelt. This is a perfectly useful gift that pairs well with those sleepy newborn days.

Shop LIttle Zen One here

Mother wearing a newborn baby against her chest using a sleep belt


Classic baby clothes that fit up to 3 times longer?! PLUS sustainably and ethically made in the US? This isn't just baby clothes, it's a statement piece!

Shop Beya made here

Rainbow stripe Linen Baby Romper - Beyamade


Adorable little soft shoes for baby are much more likely to keep those toes covered than socks that fall off and get lost. Plus they are so cute!

Shop Cabooties here

Baby legs and feet wearing shoes


Blankets are used for so many things, but this gorgeous chunky blanket makes the best backdrop for baby photos!

Shop King and Eye Crochet here

Newborn baby posed in a basket on top of a chunky knit blanket


Organic sleep sacks are amazing for babies. These look so snuggly!

Shop BE LOVE Kids here

Newborn baby in a Moses basket wearing a sleep sack


What is more practical than diapers for a new baby? A Diaper Sampler Package is a great way for baby to try a variety of diaper brands. No more rashes, leaks or pooplosions. Baby and parents can be happy with that!

Shop Diaper Dabbler here


Safe AND warm? It can be done! Moms now realize that puffy winter coats and snowsuits can't be worn in carseats...or can they? SAFE snowsuits designed to be worn with a 5-point harness are just what a baby in cold climates needs!

Shop Onekid here

Purple Infant Road Coat snowsuit - Onekid


Clothes with a message. This one would get worn before all the others.

Shop Anchor & Nest here

Baby wearing a one-piece shirt with the words Be Kind.


Toys? Always. This "sweet" organic rattle is sure to be a favorite!

Shop Mouse Loves Pig here

Baby chewing on a pineapple shaped rattle


For photos, or any time you don't want to show off your baby's diaper, a Monogrammed Diaper Cover is the perfect accessory for baby's outfit.

Shop Miss Monogram here

Baby's bottom wearing a monogrammed diaper cover


Stain and water proof clothing? Where has this been all my life?!

Shop Snug Bub here

Baby one-piece jumpsuit in white and red with a crab design


Happy shopping!


Baby sleeping under tree with lights, caption "Practical Gifts for a Newborn Baby"


10 Gifts any Mom-to-be Would Love: #shopsmall edition

By Julie Siewert

10 Gifts any Mom-to-be Would Love: #shopsmall edition

Shopping for a pregnant Mom-to-be can be hard! You don’t just want to get them something “usual”, they’re PREGNANT, they deserve something more unique!

I love shopping small businesses and supporting local and handmade whenever possible. So today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite #shopsmall gift ideas for the pregnant mama in your life.


10 Gifts any Mom-to-be would Love: #shopsmall edition - Pinterest


Celebrate the Mom-to-be and her new role as “Mama” with a beautiful piece of jewelry you know she’ll treasure forever. I LOVE these baby boy/girl lockets or a simple charm necklace.


Boy Girl Floating Charm necklace


Give Mom something more useful, yet unique…how about a luxury birthing gown? What new mom wouldn’t want her very own gown instead of those ugly hospital gowns?


Maternity Birthing Gown



Maternity clothes! Mom deserves a nice new outfit, as she’s probably tired of the few she has in her size now. You can get her a funny tee shirt or something beautiful.



 But the baby wants it Maternity tee


Getting ready for baby can be stressful! Take the stress out of finding the right diaper for baby with a Diaper Sampler Package. Mom will appreciate that she can try a variety of diaper brands in ONE box.


 Mega Mom Diaper Sampler Package


These ‘sleep pods’ are a hot baby item right now (it’s organic, too!), and I found one from a small shop! I love supporting small businesses over giant corporations any day.


 Organic co-sleeper


Subscription boxes are all the rage now. This one has curated baby items (clothes, toys and accessories) by age! All Moms love dressing their babies up in fancy new clothes…make it easy for her!


 Smock Box newborn boxes


Finding a baby book that is easy to use, functional and pretty isn’t an easy task. But this Coco Coos Modern Baby Book may have done it!


 Modern Baby book


Moms that have been pregnant know that compression socks can be a lifesaver. Why can’t they be fun, too? Give your pregnant friend the gift of less swelling in her poor feet with a pair of these stylish Lily Trotters compression socks.


Lily Trotter compression socks


There’s nothing more Christmas-y than a Christmas ornament for the tree. You can celebrate her pregnancy with a personalized Christmas ornament! This will be something to look back on fondly through the years.


Personalized Christmas Ornament - pregnant snowcouple


Our Mom-friends in our Instagram community were adamant that the best gift they received when they were pregnant was the gift of a prenatal (or postnatal) massage. What sore, aching mom-to-be wouldn’t love some pampering? Find a local spa near her that offers prenatal massages and get her a gift certificate. This is one gift that definitely wouldn’t go unused!


Need some more ideas? Check out our other holiday gift guide!



How to Get the Diapers you Really Want from Your Baby Shower

By Julie Siewert

How to Get the Diapers you Really Want from Your Baby Shower

You know that one of the biggest expenses you will face during the baby years is diapering your baby. While you have all these well-meaning friends and relatives buying the baby gifts, NOW is the time to get some of what you want, too…diapers!

These tips work great, whether you plan to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers.

How to get the Diapers you Really Want from Your Baby Shower 

Make sure you register for diapers

Diapers should be on every baby registry. If you think you know which brand of diapers you’d like to use with your baby, go ahead and register for each size! (you can always return or exchange the unopened boxes later if you find your baby doesn’t agree with your choice of diapers)

If you’re registering in store, it’s easy to find and scan the diapers you want. If you have an online baby registry, you can locate your favorite diapers online (on Amazon, any big box store, or direct from the manufacturer’s website) and add them to your registry.

Need help? In our Exploring Baby Registries Series, we’ve broken down the steps for adding diapers to each of the online baby registries. See how to do it here


Tell your friends what you want

Many people will just ask you (or your mom) what you want for the baby instead of looking at your registry. Be honest. If you want diapers, ask for diapers! If you don’t say it, you may end up with a few more white onesies or frilly pink tutus.

Share some Facebook posts, make a new Pinterest board, share it in your Instagram stories! Your friends want to know what you want.

Pro tip: follow your favorite diaper brands on social media, they’ll likely give you some good sharing (hinting) material.

Check out Diaper Dabbler on FacebookInstagram or Pinterest!


Tell your friends you want a Diaper Shower

You might want to give your girls the hint that you want a Diaper Shower to stock up on diapers before baby comes. This is a great post that breaks down the different kinds of diaper showers. Go ahead and share it on Facebook and tag them, they’ll probably appreciate knowing what you want.


 Mega Mom Diaper Sampler Package

A Diaper Sampler Package, like this Mega Mom Diaper Variety Package, is a great way to try a variety of diaper brands quickly and easily, before opening up your diaper stockpile.

Add one to your baby registry.


Use gift cards to buy diapers

You will probably get gift cards from your Baby Shower or in cards once the baby arrives. Use these for diapers! It’s handy to have a stash of gift cards set aside that you know you can spend on diapers.


How did YOU get the diapers you wanted for your baby shower? Drop your favorite ideas in the comments.



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Exploring Baby Registries Series: Blueprint Baby Registry

By Julie Siewert

Exploring Baby Registries Series: Blueprint Baby Registry

Gone are the days when expectant moms just went to their local Babies “R” Us store and registered for the baby items they wanted. Today, Moms are increasingly turning to the internet for their baby registries. There are many reasons to use online registries, including ease of use (shopping or registering in your pj’s!), nationwide or worldwide availability, simplicity of ordering and comparing items, and the unlimited options of using multiple shops.

In our Exploring Baby Registries series, we are aiming to demystify online baby registries by looking at the features of each one and giving you the information you need to choose which one is right for you! Come along on the journey, today we’re looking at Blueprint registry.


*Disclaimer: This post is not endorsed or sponsored by Blueprint. All opinions are my own and information obtained was from my own internet research. For more information about Blueprint, visit their website at


Blueprint is one of the newer online baby registries. You may already know about Blueprint if you used their online wedding registry. They also offer registries for fundraising or other celebrations.

Exploring Baby Registries Series: Blueprint

What makes them stand out:

Blueprint is a very visual baby registry. When you’re creating your Blueprint baby registry, they have a room-by-room layout for building your registry. You can visually see what areas you’ve registered for and where you have yet to go. They will offer you suggestions for each room (or area) of your registry.


Blueprint’s website has Sample Registries and Gift Guides to help you find popular items that others register for.  You can also register for gifts you find across the internet, from big box stores online to Etsy or other small unique shops.

Blueprint allows for “group gifts”, where a group of people can each pay for part of a gift for your baby.

Blueprint has an “add to Blueprint” button for your shopping convenience. Add it to your bookmarks, and you can quickly and easily add items to your baby registry you find while surfing the internet on your laptop.

Blueprint allows you to import your existing baby registry, to keep everything in one place.

Blueprint has a Gift Tracker, allowing you to manage your gifts and Thank You cards.

Blueprint has a 10% completion discount for select items on your baby registry you didn’t receive.

Blueprint also offers a free concierge call to help you get started or while you’re creating your registry. They also offer email and phone support for questions.

Blueprint Baby Registry add to registry

How to get started:

Starting a Blueprint registry was easy. You can start it on your laptop or on your mobile device. You will have the ability to customize it by uploading a profile picture and cover photo (it looks like Facebook!). You can also add a message to your friends and family.

If you’re using your laptop, you can get an “add to Blueprint button” that will make it quick and easy to add anything across the web to your registry. If you find something you like while on the web, just click the “add to Blueprint” button in your bookmarks and it’s added to your registry.

Once you’ve started your registry, your registry options will be laid out. You can go category by category and register for recommended gifts in those areas.

Blueprint registry works well on both mobile and laptop. However, if you’re building your registry on your mobile phone, you can only add items to your registry that are in their recommendations. You’ll have to move to your laptop or desktop and use their “add to Blueprint” bookmark button to add products from the web.

When your friends and family are checking out your registry, they have the option to ship the gift our home or theirs (you give Blueprint your address when you sign up).

Baby registries are not private. Anyone can search for your name and see your registry. You will be given a direct link to your registry that you can share with your friends and family.

Diaper Sampler Packages Baby Shower Gift


Now, the fun begins! Go find your favorite baby products from across the web, and don’t forget about your favorite small shops!

And may I suggest registering for a Mega Mom Diaper Variety Package (or any Diaper Dabbler Sampler Package). It is the perfect gift to help you decide which brand of diapers will work best for your baby.


Happy registering!



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4 Kinds of Diaper Showers: Which One is Right for Your Friend?

By Julie Siewert

4 Kinds of Diaper Showers: Which One is Right for Your Friend?
You’ve been nominated to throw a baby shower for your friend, cousin, sister, or co-worker. You know that babies go through like a million diapers before they are potty trained, so you want to help the new mom stock up on as many diapers as possible. There are so many ways to throw a great diaper shower!

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What Size Diapers do I Buy for a Baby Gift?

By Julie Siewert

1 comment
What Size Diapers do I Buy for a Baby Gift?

When it comes to buying a gift for a baby shower or a gift to send after a new baby has arrived, one popular question I hear is: what size diapers should I give as a gift?


How much do you know about diaper sizes?

Newborn size diapers are (typically) designed for babies up to 10 lbs. Size 1 diapers are designed for babies 8-14 lbs. (Note: some eco-friendly brands have sizing other than the “standard” US sizing)

So you see, there is some overlap in the weight range in the sizes. Babies often are ready to change sizes when they are between 8-10 lbs. The average baby born in the US is over 7 lbs. Baby’s shape and the diaper’s fit will influence when a baby will move up to the next size. Some babies wear newborn size diapers for a month, and some babies are born right into size 1 diapers!


What Size Diapers do I Buy for a Baby Gift? Pinterest



So which size should I buy when I want to gift diapers to a new baby?

Just like the question of which brand to buy, the choice of sizes can also be a guessing game. You won’t know how big a baby will be when born, or which size will fit them at birth. Many people (when choosing to buy a package of diapers for baby) will choose a bigger size to avoid the question. We asked our Facebook community, and Andrea S. said “I assume that they will receive a lot of the smaller sizes, and depending on the baby, they might not be in those sizes long at all”. Leah G. said that she buys size “3 or 4 usually. They usually get a ton of the little ones”.

Some people like to buy Newborn size diapers to make sure that the parents have diapers for their baby right after they’re born, so the parents don’t need to worry about going out and purchasing diapers in those first days or weeks.

Others buy size 1 diapers to “hedge their bets”. If a baby is born big and starts out in size 1, they can wear it. If a baby is smaller, the parents can hold onto the size 1 diapers until they will fit.

Baby in diaper


Diaper Dabbler carries Newborn size Sampler Packages and size 3 Sampler Packages, but sells far more size 1 Diaper Sampler Packages for gifts. Why? Because many babies are born wearing a newborn size diaper, but could really wear either size. And some babies are born right into size 1. To be safe, and to make sure your gift gives the most value to parents, many gift-givers prefer size 1 Diaper Samplers.

There are clever gift-givers that give BOTH newborn and size 1 diapers! The Prepared Parent Variety Package and the Natural Choice for New Babies Sampler includes both newborn and size 1 diapers, and we’re seeing more often gifts of two smaller packages (the Newborn Babes coupled with the Mother Earth size 1 is quite a popular combination).


Mega Mom Diaper Sampler Package


Try a variety of diaper brands and find the perfect diaper for your baby.

The Mega Mom Diaper Sampler Package has 12 brands of diapers including name brand and eco-friendly diapers.


Whatever diaper size you choose, new parents appreciate the thoughtful gift of diapers.



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Holiday Inspiration: Gifts for Pregnant Women

By Julie Siewert

Holiday Inspiration: Gifts for Pregnant Women

If you find yourself with a pregnant friend or family member on your shopping list this Christmas season, it can be hard to know just what she would like. Does she want something for herself? Something for the baby? Or does she even know what she wants?

Here's some of our favorite ideas that are "Mama-to-be" approved!

Disclaimer: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Which means: if you buy stuff through these links, I might make a few cents. Thanks!

Holiday Inspiration: Gifts for Pregnant Women


Celebrating a pregnancy is a fun way to say Merry Christmas. You can commemorate this joyous occasion with an ornament that the family can use forever.

Mom and Dad to Be ornament


Sometimes a Mom needs a good laugh. And sometimes a Mom needs coffee. The best of both worlds, right here!

Avocado A Good Fat Mug


Speaking of coffee. There's going to be a big lack of sleep coming soon. Maybe a coffee subscription box would be useful?

Coffee Subscription Box


I love funny shirts. I just can't get enough of them! And Mama is probably running low on shirts that fit over her growing bump. Just sayin'


Here's a practical gift for a practical person. Mom's need pampering. Maybe even more so when they are pregnant.


This is something I wish was around when I was pregnant. What a fun way to commemorate baby AND décor for the nursery. Win!

ForeverBaby Canvas print


For the trendy or fashionable Mom-to-be, score a Mommy and Me set. Mom and baby will make some Instagram magic with a set like this!


And, of course, what every Mom needs...diapers. Instead of just another package of some random brand, get her a Variety Package. This gift lets Mom try samples of a bunch of different brands. How unique!

Diaper Variety Package by Diaper Dabbler

Diaper Dabbler Diaper Variety Package


There you have it. Any Mom-to-be would love to receive any of these gifts at Christmas-time or anytime! Do you have a favorite? Or a different unique idea? Sound off in the comments.


Ten Gifts You Forgot to Add to Your Amazon Baby Registry

By Julie Siewert

Ten Gifts You Forgot to Add to Your Amazon Baby Registry

ho knew it would be SO HARD to register for baby gifts? Between making sure you’ve got the basics, everything on that Pinterest list you found, and all of the things your crazy cousins insisted you NEED, you’ve got a list a mile long. But here’s a few more you might have missed. You can thank me later!


Disclaimer: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. 


You do have an Amazon Baby Registry, right? There is no reason you wouldn’t. Besides the fact that Amazon has everything, your friends all shop there, and it’s super-easy, they have a registry completion discount! Whatever is on your list that you don’t get as a gift, you can buy with a discount (I mean, how often do you get a discount on your Amazon purchase?!). Shop Amazon - Create an Amazon Baby Registry 




Here are 10 gifts you probably forgot to add to your Amazon Baby Registry. Did you know you could also add these gifts to your universal online baby registry (Babylist, GuguGuru and MyRegistry), too? Oh, yeah!


1. Lactation goodies! Regardless if you NEED a boost in the breastmilk department, these look seriously YUM. And cookies are something every Mom needs. I might even call this a health food. ;) There’s a cookie mix, too.



2. A Diaper Variety Package! How many diaper brands do YOU want to try before finding the right one for your baby?



3. Baby headbands (probably only if you’re having a girl). These are so sweet and adorable and they’ll fit until she’s a really big girl and can pick out her own.



4. Baby keepsake handprint kit. Life is busy, and will get even crazier with a new baby in the house. But this is something you’ll look back on and thank yourself for doing.



5. A Combination nursing scarf/carseat cover/cart cover/infinity scarf magical piece of fabric. I love things that do double duty, and this does way more than that!



6. Cloth diapers. They are amazingly absorbent! Even if (and maybe especially if) you’re not using them on your baby’s bum, they're awesome. Think of all the spit up, drool, and baby leaks you’ll be dealing with soon enough. These are workhorses! Plus you can actually use them as diapers if you want. And when your kid grows up…they’re still going strong as cleaning rags!


7. Baby shoes. They come in girls styles, boys styles or gender neutral. They’ll be needing foot covers soon enough! These hold the socks on, keep feet warm AND are the best soft-soled first steps shoe. Oh yeah, and they are adorable!



8. Baby hearing protection. Not a need, but at this price, it’s handy to have! Fireworks, sporting events, concerts, parades…basically everything is too loud for baby’s ears. These are so helpful in protecting baby’s hearing and keeping everyone calm.


9  Monthly stickers. Monthly and milestone photos are all over social media. These are adorable and easy to use. Girl-y stickersboy necktie stickers, or gender neutral!



10. Amazon Prime Membership. This should totally be on your list. It never hurts to ask! Think about how much money 20% off diaper subscriptions will save you. Shop Amazon - Give the Gift of Amazon Prime 



And there you have it! There's 10 things you forgot to add to your Amazon baby registry. Thought of some I forgot? Share in the comments!


10 Gifts you Forgot to add to your Amazon Baby Registry



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Corporate Gift-Giving: How to Celebrate Families with a Diaper Dabbler Variety Package

By Julie Siewert

Corporate Gift-Giving: How to Celebrate Families with a Diaper Dabbler Variety Package
Wouldn’t it be amazing to find the perfect gift for new parents AND make the process of re-ordering super-simple for your business or church? We can help with that.
With a variety package of diaper samples, new parents get to try sample-size packages of multiple brands of diapers. This makes it simple and convenient to find just the right diaper for their new baby.
Mega Mom Diaper Variety Package     
Here at Diaper Dabbler, we have the perfect new parent gift. Diaper Variety Packages can be customized based on your preferences and budget. We can help you find your perfect gift, wrap it and get it sent to your gift recipient. We can set up a standard gift message from your business, or you can write a new one each time.
Gift Message Green Ribbon Gift Message Purple Ribbon
If you meet minimum quantity ordering, we can set up monthly billing for your church or business, saving you the time of placing the order yourself. You will have one person to connect with here at Diaper Dabbler (no explaining yourself, business or situation to multiple employees).
Newborn Babes Diaper Variety Package     
1. Decide on your gift. The Mega Mom or Newborn Babes Diaper Variety Packages are our most popular, but you can choose from any of our packages or create a custom order.
2. Receive a custom quote based on your reorder rate (how often you expect to send gifts) and any customizations requested.
3. Provide custom details about your church or business. We can set up a standard gift message and ribbon color for every gift, or customize each one based on your needs.
4. Provide billing/payment information. Recurring orders can be billed to your business/church on a monthly basis, provided our minimum order quantity is met. Or you can place each gift order individually. We can ship directly to your gift recipient.
5. Order your gifts as needed! A quick email or use a pre-arranged link for ordering ease.
6. Of course, you can make changes at any time. Just ask!
Newborn Babes gift box       
Email to get started.
Need another reason to feel good about your gift choice with Diaper Dabbler? We use eco-friendly packaging on all our gifts. All orders include a FREE sample of eco-friendly baby wipes and a Diaper Brand Rating Card so parents can keep track of which diapers worked for them.

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