Amazon Prime Day Diaper Deals 2018

By Julie Siewert

Amazon Prime Day Diaper Deals 2018

Whew! That was an awesome sale! Many of the best deals are done now, but a few of the coupons are still active. Get them while you can! -Updated 7/18/18


It’s here! Amazon Prime Day 2018 is here. Like a major holiday for all of us Prime shoppers. I’m going to be rounding up the top diaper deals for this sale for you. If you already know which diaper brand works best for your baby, and you’re buying diapers anyway, you may as well save a few bucks in the process!


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Prime Day is the fantastic celebration of Amazon Prime’s birthday. This year it’s a 36-hour event with hundreds and thousands of sale items coming and going throughout the event.


Yes, you need to have an Amazon Prime account to get these deals. Don’t have one? You can get a 30-day free trial and cancel after you’ve ordered. Make sure you’re signed up for Amazon Family to get THE best diaper deals.



Fun fact, with your FREE Amazon Family account you can get 20% off your diaper purchases on Subscribe & Save…you CAN use the Subscribe & Save WITH the day’s deals to get an even better deal!

What to do…choose your deal, instead of choosing “one-time purchase”, choose “Subscribe & Save” and watch the savings come off! (note: not every diaper brand will have the Subscribe & Save option, but most do)

Keep in mind, the deals I'm posting are valid at the time I'm typing this. The best deals will sell out quickly, so don't think too long about this!


50% off Earth's Best diapers


40% off Babyganics diapers (multiple sizes)


40% off Babyganics wipes also


Save 40% off with coupon on Seventh Generation diapers (multiple sizes included).


Save $3 off your purchase of Pampers Swaddlers, Cruisers or Pure Protection diapers


Save an extra 30% on your first bundle of diapers from Honest Company. Specific sizes and patterns


Save $5 on Eco by Naty diapers


 Save an extra 10% on aden + anais diapers


$5 extra coupon on Pampers Easy-Ups



Save $3 on Huggies Little Snugglers


Save $1.50 on Huggies Snug & Dry


Happy shopping!


It isn’t on a special Prime day deal, but if you’re not sure which diaper brand is the right one for YOUR baby, you may want to try a Diaper Sampler Package!



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4 Kinds of Diaper Showers: Which One is Right for Your Friend?

By Julie Siewert

4 Kinds of Diaper Showers: Which One is Right for Your Friend?
You’ve been nominated to throw a baby shower for your friend, cousin, sister, or co-worker. You know that babies go through like a million diapers before they are potty trained, so you want to help the new mom stock up on as many diapers as possible. There are so many ways to throw a great diaper shower!

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Confessions of a Part-time Cloth Diapering Mama: How I Fail at Full-time Cloth Diapering Without the Guilt

By Julie Siewert

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Confessions of a Part-time Cloth Diapering Mama: How I Fail at Full-time Cloth Diapering Without the Guilt

I have a confession to make. I cloth diaper my kids. And I use disposable diapers, too. Gasp! And you know what? I don’t really care what others have to say about it anymore. I’m free now from the guilt of “not doing enough”.

You see, with my first baby I was a hard-core cloth diaper mama. I had that boy in cloth rain or shine (and oh, was there rain!). When he was 3 months old we went away to an out of town wedding. For a variety of reasons, we put him in disposable diapers for that weekend, and the whole weekend I felt guilty. I literally did the sneaky “peer around the corner” trick at Walmart while buying said disposables. I fought a hard-won battle to keep all the pee inside the cloth diaper all night long. Growing child, changing shape and a tendency to pee ‘all at once all in the same place’ made finding the right cloth diaper routine a constant challenge. But I read and researched and washed and stripped and did everything I could to keep my child in cloth all the time. And it worked. He’s a happy, healthy potty-trained child now.

Fast forward a few years and now I’ve got a second baby and big brother’s stash of cloth diapers. Of course I’m going to cloth diaper again! I loved the ease of potty training while wearing cloth, and the adorable prints those cloth diapers come in! And don’t even get me started on the cost savings, I love washing instead of buying diapers!

     Confessions of a Part-time Cloth Diapering Mama Pinterest

I put my second child in cloth diapers from the hour we got home from the hospital. I knew what I was doing, there was no learning curve this time! Hubs was even more on board this time, since he already knew what to expect from the diapering end of things.

But you know what I’m short of with my second child? Time and patience. I no longer have the luxury of studying the entire internet to figure out why this diaper isn’t as absorbent as I need it to be. I can’t be washing sheets every day because someone is a super-soaker when she sleeps. And for heaven sakes, sometimes I need a diaper to hold longer than 2 hours!

"I have given myself permission to use a few disposable diapers to keep me from ditching cloth entirely

So we started using disposable diapers at night to keep the sheets dry (most nights). And for trips to the store and longer car rides. And when she goes to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. And occasionally when the dirty diaper laundry doesn’t get done fast enough. And you know what? I’m ok with it. I have given myself permission to be a part-time cloth diapering mama. No guilt, no regrets. I tried samples of a bunch of eco-friendly diaper brands to find out which fit the best, leaked the least and fit my personal priorities. And then I buy the big box on Amazon, and it lasts a LONG time, since we only use a couple disposable diapers every day.

I’m happy and less stressed, my pocketbook is content with only buying diapers occasionally, and my children are both happy and well-adjusted.

While it seems to last forever while you’re in the thick of it, the diapering stage really only lasts for a little while. I’m making the most of it with no regrets.

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The Essentials of Hand-Me-Down Kids Clothes

By Julie Siewert

The Essentials of Hand-Me-Down Kids Clothes
Hand-me-down kids clothing can be a huge blessing to a family. Free clothes? You won’t hear me complaining about that! With a little knowledge and forethought, it can be an easy way for you to save a whole bunch of money. But with poor planning, all those clothes can be a burden.
Turning the clothes around and passing them on to another child can give you all the feels, and (if you do it right) can bless another family, too!
I have been SO fortunate to receive hand-me-down wardrobes for both of my kids. I have also been able to turn around and pass those clothes onto other kids as well. So I have the experience of both sides, and I have finally figured out the best system to make it work!
Hand me down kids clothes totes pile       
The giver:
There’s some obvious things you’ll need to keep in mind if you’re storing your clothing to pass on to another child. Clothes need to be clean. Duh! I treat stains as I see them, but I don’t stress if a wearable piece of clothing has a stain on it. Let the next mom decide what to do with it! If she REALLY can’t stand clothing that is stained…she won’t use that piece of clothing. Same with torn out knees (ahem, little boys!) in play clothes. I can throw a patch on, or the next mom can.
Buy those plastic totes in bulk! Seriously, when they go on sale, buy a bunch! The very best and easiest way to store clothes is in plastic totes with the lids. They stay clean, dry and safe for the next family!
Sort clothes into totes by size. Just a common courtesy, keep sizes together so they’re easier to find on the other side. Pro tip: I keep a tote in each of my kids’ rooms and put clothes away as I find they no longer fit. Once it’s full, it’s off to storage and the next tote comes out!
Label the totes with the size(s). Another ‘goes without saying’ point, but if you don’t label the tote with what size it is, the next mom will have to guess!
It is totally ok not to pass everything down to the next child. You have a favorite piece you just can’t part with? Keep it! You want to sell that expensive dress that your child only wore once? Go for it! You want to save a few gender neutral items just in case you have another kid? You’ve got my blessing. You owe no explanation when you’re gifting something to someone else.
Laundry basket of baby kids clothes        
The receiver:
You will need to wash everything before you use it. It will likely smell from storage (depending on how long it’s been stored) or smell like THEIR fabric softener, and you’ll want to ensure it is REALLY clean for your kid. Treat any stains you find now, and mend anything that needs mending.
Inventory what you received! You might find that you have 15 onesies, 12 pants and 1 pair of shorts in this size. Or you’re missing a heavy winter jacket. The clothing you receive likely won’t be a full and complete wardrobe for your child, and you’ll need to fill in those gaps yourself. If you know what you already have, it makes shopping easier.
Look ahead in sizes. Clothes don’t always get outgrown at the same rate. There may likely be a 3T swimsuit in with the 4T clothes, because that’s when she outgrew it. If you don’t look ahead into that 4T bin, you wouldn’t know you have it. I tend to go through clothes as I receive them (or at least 1 size ahead) to pull out what will fit now/sooner.
Clothes will run small. This is the nature of hand-me-down clothing. Plan for it! I assume that my child will be wearing one size up from their “brand new” size in used clothing due to shrinking.
Here’s your head’s up, there are a few items that might not get handed down. Some parents don’t hand down shoes or don’t want to accept worn shoes. Shoes are a personal preference item. My son wore through almost all his shoes in the time it took his feet to grow, so some boys might not get those passed on. But I’ve got bags of girly shoes for my daughter…
Underwear is another one of those items. Some people cringe, others wear them without question. 
Hand Me Down Baby Kids Clothes        
My oldest picked up a fantastic saying in kindergarten, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”. This is applicable to hand-me-down clothing. I just knew my sister had a beautiful (insert whatever coveted item here) and why am I not seeing it among these hand-me-down clothes?! And WHY isn’t my nephew wearing that adorable sweater that my kid had at his age?! “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”. Not all clothing will get passed down, and not all clothing will get worn. Deal with it. ;)
Personally, I pull out all gender neutral clothing and that gets sent on to the next oldest child, regardless of gender. All those white onesies, Packer jerseys and black snowpants are getting double the wear, so you won’t find them in my clothes bins.
And there you have it! The best information I can offer you about hand-me-down baby/kids clothing. Saving everyone time and money, and conserving natural resources to boot! Now, help a mama out and share this with a friend!
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How to Stockpile Diapers - Tricks of the Trade and Traps to Avoid

By Julie Siewert

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How to Stockpile Diapers - Tricks of the Trade and Traps to Avoid

How would you like to pay pennies on the dollar for the diapers you know you’ll need once baby arrives? Sounds too good to be true? It can be. But there are some “tricks of the trade” that you can use to stockpile in advance of a new baby without the risk.


Disclaimer: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Which means: if you buy stuff through these links, I might make a few cents. Thanks!

Stockpile. What am I talking about? Basically, stockpiling is buying a whole bunch of something you know you’re going to need. Stockpiling is typically done when your product (diapers, for instance) are at their rock-bottom price. Basically, you’re paying less for your diapers, because you’re able to stock up on what you will need when they’re on sale.
If you’re buying diapers as your baby needs them, a box of diapers at Target costs (for example) $38.99, roughly $.18/diaper. But if you find them on sale, stacked with a coupon, cartwheel deal and a gift card with purchase, you can buy them for much, much less. Many people report buying diapers for less than $.09 each.
How to Stockpile Diapers Tricks of the Trade and Traps to Avoid
But there can be some pitfalls with stockpiling diapers which add to the cost in a sneaky way. Buying diapers you don’t need or can’t use is just throwing money out the window. Storing them safely and smartly will keep your stockpile in good working order. Adding up ALL the costs, and recouping some of your money on the backside can improve your bottom line as well. (Do you like these puns? They just keep coming!)
How do you know how many diapers to buy? Well, you don’t really. There is just no way to know how many times your baby is going to poop/pee/explode between birth and potty training (or when that’ll be!). A good resource to help you with your guess is They’ve got a handy FREE tool to help you estimate how many diapers you’ll need. But it will vary by your particular child, their weight, shape, and the diapers you choose.
Is it better to have too many or not enough? Since you’ll very likely have either too many or not enough diapers in each size, now is a good time to figure out what your plan is. When you’re stockpiling would you rather buy enough that you KNOW you’ll need and likely have to buy a few extras along the way? Or do you want to have more than enough to get you through to the next size and sell or donate the remainder? That’s a choice you’ll have to make for yourself, but it does affect your cost.
Mommy Mainstream Diaper Variety Package
What brand(s) of diapers should I stockpile? Does it matter? The age-old question; how am I going to know which brand of diapers is right for my baby? Do you know if your baby will get a rash from this one brand, or if a particular brand will not fit right and leak? This is my first major trick of the trade. Buy the diapers you want in the store. Go get your best deals, whatever they are. Then, do yourself a favor and buy a variety package of diaper samples to quickly and easily figure out which diaper brand works for your baby. Then you can take all those diapers you bought on sale and (if you need to) exchange brand for brand. Most stores like Target and Walmart have lenient diaper exchange policies PROVIDED THE DIAPERS ARE IN RESELLABLE CONDITION. If you open up each box and take a few out of each one to try, you might find you have a harder time getting the stores to take them back, because they can’t resell them!
I like to keep my receipts for these (not only because I like to look back at them and reminisce at the time I got diapers for $.06/diaper), but to return/exchange! Most stores don’t require it to exchange, but I’m an old Girl Scout, always prepared.
How do I get the best diaper deals? There’s some art and some science to finding the best price on diapers. Hardcore couponers will tell you that your best price per diaper will be buying in-store, with Target being the overwhelming choice for couponers. There are those, though, that contend the best price is at the drugstores (CVS in particular) due to their rebate or rewards programs.
I have also found really good deals on Amazon, but you’d need Amazon Family Prime (which is another $99 membership fee added to your total). 
Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial
Your best prices will generally be had on name-brand diapers, because they often publish coupons that you can stack with sales and gift cards or rebates.
Diaper Stockpile Huggies
How do you know when to buy? There are websites (and empires) built on couponing. There are amazing and plentiful resources out there to help educate the masses and tell us where and when to buy what’s on sale. Tracie at Penny Pinchin’ Mom puts out a fantastic Diaper Deals roundup each week. The Krazy Coupon Lady is all over the best deals, too. Midwest Coupon Clippers and Totally Target are two that are in my personal newsfeed. Follow your favorites on Facebook or check their websites weekly. They will let you know when the best deals are to be had and step-by-step how to do them.
Store your stockpile safely! There’s no savings to be had if your diaper stockpile gets wet and moldy sitting waiting for your little one to grow. Diapers need to be kept DRY. If you are storing them in your basement, and you have a flood, your whole stockpile is ruined. Put them up on pallets or on shelves. Or, just store them in baby’s closet. I do not open the bags or boxes prior to use if I can help it. Diapers store best as they are packaged.
What about "extra" diapers? After your baby is born and they grow through a few sizes, you may have extra or leftover diapers. Here’s where you can recoup a little on the backside. If you have unopened diapers, go ahead and exchange them for the next size up (or whatever you need). You can also sell them. I see Moms selling diapers all the time in the Facebook Marketplace or in Buy/Sell/Trade groups. You might not get what you paid for them, but it will be better than nothing. If you have a pregnant friend, feel free to gift your extra diapers. You could even make up a fancy diaper cake with your opened packages of diapers. Or donate them to your local diaper bank. All over the country there are families that could use some extra diapers.
Tricks and Traps for Stockpiling Diapers
Click on the image above to download your FREE copy of "Tricks and Traps for Stockpiling Diapers"!
There you have it. My best “tricks and traps” for stockpiling diapers. Do you have any tips that I missed? Shout out in the comments and I’ll update the post.
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