Diaper Dabbler LLC began in 2012 when a mom found herself spending too much time and money trying to find the best diaper for her baby. “There has to be a better way!” One brand didn't fit right, another smelled too strongly, a third didn't absorb well. With so many opened packages of diapers with just a few missing, this mom found a brilliant business idea.

Diaper Dabbler carries more than 20 different brands of diapers in 3-pack “sample” sizes. We offer pre-made packages, like the Mother Earth eco-friendly Diaper Variety Package or the Newborn Babes newborn size Diaper Variety Package, and we can also create Custom Diaper Variety Packages with just the diaper brands that parents want to try. Diaper Dabbler carries diaper sample packs in Newborn size, size 1 and size 3.

Diaper Dabbler is a socially and environmentally conscious small business. We not only maintain a fantastic assortment of the best eco-friendly diapers, we also use eco-friendly packaging for our products. Diaper Dabbler also makes donations to plant trees with One Tree Planted, and supports our local diaper bank during their annual fundraiser.

Diaper Dabbler Sampler Packages are available online at www.diaperdabbler.com and select packages are available on Amazon.com.

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""There’s also a wicked service called Diaper Dabbler that will send a sampler pack of different diapers so she can get a feel for which one works for her without buying a whole box.""
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""We were one of the unlucky ones that bought way too many of one brand that our daughter would leak right through. Too bad we didn’t have the Diaper Dabbler, which is a brilliant way for new parents to try out diapers before they invest in the gigantic package.""
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BabyCenter - October 04, 2012
""Diaper Dabbler is a brilliant new way for new parents to try a mix of disposable diaper brands–for the same price as gambling on one package of a brand that might not suit your wee babe’s bottom.""
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Julie Siewert
Owner and Chief Mom-in-Charge
In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of Diaper Dabbler, Julie raises her two children in Wisconsin.
For every eco-friendly Mother Earth Diaper Variety Package sold, Diaper Dabbler makes a donation to plant a tree.
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""When I had my first, we switched diaper brands a few times as she grew, trying to find the right fit. I wish I had this service then! I will definitely order variety packs for my next baby, and I have already gifted the newborn variety pack to a friend for her baby shower. It is much more cost effective and convenient to order a variety pack than to buy whole boxes of diapers only to find that baby's legs are too skinny or chunky for a particular brand, causing leaks.""
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
""So glad this exists! Saves me money and the trouble of having to buy entire packs of diapers. All babies are different and even though I would love to love one of the top diapers in this pack, the way my baby is built makes the fit not ideal for him. Thanks Diaper Dabbler!!!! Also, not sure if this is always standard but my package came with a decent amount of sample wipes.""
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