Diaper Brand Research & Info

Diaper Brand Research and Information 


With so many brands of diapers to try, narrowing down the search can be helpful. 

We've searched the internet for the latest information on all these brands, and given you the links to learn even more.

Once you've decided which brands you'd like to try, here's where you can find variety packs of diaper samples.

*Disclaimer: This page is not endorsed or sponsored by any specific brand or manufacturer of diapers. I am just a mama who knows how to use her keyboard to find information on the web. For more information about a specific brand of diapers, go to their website.

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Little Snugglers

Snug & Dry

Little Movers

(read more about Huggies diapers here)

 Website: www.huggies.com/en-us
Features: -Leak Lock System
-GentleAbsorb Liner
-Pocketed Back Waitsband
-Double Grip Strips (on Little Movers)
-SureFit Design
What's in it: “The inside absorbent padding on Huggies® diapers is made of a fluffy, paperlike material called wood cellulose fiber and a super-absorbent material called polyacrylate. Other materials used include polypropylene, polyester, and polyethylene -- all synthetic materials designed to enhance the fit of the diaper and help stop leaks. The elastic strands in all Huggies diapers are made of synthetic rubber for a snug but gentle fit for baby.”
“The fluffy, absorbent fibers used in United States Huggies diapers are made from wood pulp sourced from suppliers who practice sustainable forest management.”
Where it is made: USA, specifically Beech Island SC, Ogden UT and Paris TX



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Swaddlers Sensitive

Baby Dry

Pampers Pure Protection 


(read more about Pampers here)

 Website: www.pampers.com/en-us
Features: -Blankie Soft comfort
-Unique Absorb Away Liner
-Extra Absorb Channels
What's NOT in it: - Bisphenol A (BPA)
- Dioxins
- Disperse Dyes
- Elemental Chlorine
Pampers does not add chlorine to diapers and uses an elemental chlorine-free process to purify the fibers in diapers. The FDA considers this method to be safe and dioxin free.
- Ethanol/Alcohol
Pampers wipes and diapers are ethanol free, so they are labeled as alcohol free, which is commonly understood to mean free of ethanol and isopropyl (or rubbing alcohol). These types of alcohol can dry out baby’s sensitive skin.
- Natural Rubber Latex
- Lead and Mercury
- Organotins
- Parabens (see preservatives below)
- Pesticide Residues
- Phenol
- Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
- Specific Preservatives
Pampers does not use preservatives in our diapers.
Where it is made: USA


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(read more about Luvs here)

 Website: https://www.luvsdiapers.com/en-us
Features: -Refastenable stretch tabs
-Leakguard core
-Leak barrier
-Leg gathers
-Cottony soft
-Contoured shape
-Nightlock Plus
What's NOT in them: -Latex free
-Chlorine free
“We're pleased to reassure you that we've been using spandex elastic instead of natural rubber latex in all Pampers and Luvs diapers, wipes, and training pants since August 1998.”
Where it is made: USA



Mega Mom Diaper Sampler Package: Try 12 eco friendly and name brand diaper sample packs




Up & Up

(read more about Up & Up diapers here)

 Website: https://www.target.com/p/diapers-bulk-plus-pack-select-size-up-up-153/-/A-15121671#preselect=14894985
Features: “Diapers feature a new breathable outer cover that helps your baby's skin stay drier and healthier, and a quilted absorbent core that channels wetness and keeps it locked away. These diapers also offer Soft-Stretch® waist and sides for a secure and comfy fit, along with a wetness indicator so you can see when your baby needs a change.”
What's NOT in it: “They're made with elemental chlorine free pulp and are free of sulfates, parabens, petroleum, perfumes and dyes.”
Where it is made: USA


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Well Beginnings

(read more about Well Beginnings diapers here)

 Website: https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/well-beginnings-premium-diapers-jumbo-4/ID=prod6183778-product
Features: Free of latex, aloe and perfumes
Where it is made: USA



Modest Mama Diaper Sampler Package: Try 8 low-cost diaper sample packs




(read more about CVS brand diapers here)

 Website: http://www.cvs.com/shop/baby-child/diapers-wipes/diapers/cvs-health-ultra-soft-diapers-prodid-1070503?skuId=431551
Features: 12 Hour Leak Protection
Enhanced leakage protection with Smart Fit size indicator
Soft & quilted comfort your little one deserves
What's NOT in it: Perfume & Latex Free
Where it is made: USA


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Kirkland Signature

(read more about Kirkland Signature Supreme here)

 Website: costco.com/kirkland-signature-supreme-diapers-size-1%3b-192-count.product.100172324.html

Quick draw liner draws liquid away from baby's skin fast
Adjustable fasteners for a snug fit
Super absorbent for day and night protection
Soft, breathable outer cover helps maintain dry, healthy-looking skin
Pocketed waistband for runny messes


No natural latex

Where is it made: USA


Newborn Babes Diaper Sampler Package: Try 6 newborn diaper sample packs


Sam's Club

Member's Mark

(read more about Member's Mark diapers here)

Website: https://www.samsclub.com/p/mm-diapers-size-3/prod21427584
Features: Wetness Indicator
What's NOT in it:

No lotion

No perfume

No latex

Where it is made: USA



Mama Bear

(read more about Mama Bear diapers here

Website: Amazon Brand - Mama Bear Diapers Size 1, 216 Count, Bears Print (4 packs of 54)
Features: Hypoallergenic
What's NOT in it:


Free of elemental chlorine

Where it is made: USA


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Parent's Choice

(read more about Parent's Choice diapers here)

 Website: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Parent-s-Choice-Diaper-Box-Choose-Your-Size/25490553
Features: Up to 12 hours of leakage protection
Ultra-absorbent core
Locks in wetness for drier bottoms
All around snug & comfy fit
Cottony soft & hypoallergenic liner
“All Parent's Choice Diapers have a hypoallergenic inner liner that is enhanced with vitamin E and Aloe to help protect sensitive skin”
What's NOT in it: No latex or perfumes
Where it is made: USA, made from 75% US materials


Natural Choice for New Babies Diaper Sampler Package: Try all the eco-friendly diaper sample packs in newborn and size 1



(read more about ABBY&FINN diapers here)

 Website: https://abbyandfinn.com/

Hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and vegan

Totally chlorine free wood pulp 

What's NOT in them:

No chlorine

No heavy metals

No dyes

No latex

No fragrance

No lotions or moisturizers

Where it is made: ABBY&FINN diapers are assembled in a Belgium-owned facility in Mexico from ingredients made in Europe and the USA.



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Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Diapers

(read more about Aleva Naturals diapers here)

 Website: http://www.alevanaturals.com/home
Features: “Bamboo Baby Diapers are ultra-soft with a cloth-like feel to provide the maximum comfort for your baby. These disposable diapers are extra-strong with flexible side panels, a breathable back layer and a pocketed back waistband to ensure a snug and comfy fit for your baby. For extra leakage protection, our double sided leak guards are snug around the legs, while the 3 line wetness indicator changes colour to alert parents it is time to change their baby’s diaper.”
Hypoallergenic, biodegradable, chlorine, dye and latex free
Unbleached and vegan
What's NOT in them: No artificial fragrances or perfume
No colorants/dyes
No phthalates
No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
No Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
No chlorine
No sulphates
No ethyl alcohol
No parabens
No formaldehydes
No lanolin
No phenoxyethanol
No animal testing
Where it is made: China


Mother Earth Diaper Sampler Package: Try 6 eco-friendly diaper sample packs


Earth & Eden

(read more about Earth & Eden™ diapers here)

 Website: https://www.amazon.com/Earth-Eden-Baby-Diapers-Count/dp/B07DYLJHLB
Features: Premium cotton, sustainably-sourced wood fluff pulp
What's NOT in them: NO lotions, NO fragrances, NO parabens, NO chlorine bleaching and NO latex
Where it is made: USA



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ECO by Naty
Formerly Naty by Nature Babycare

(read more about ECO by Naty diapers here)

 Website: https://www.naty.com/us/diapers
Features: Made of 51% renewable materials
Chlorine free wood pulp is derived from sustainable forestry
The conventional plastic outer sheet has been replaced with a biodegradable material made from maize starch and cellulose fibre, both biodegradable materials.
These diapers use only a small amount of SAP
What's NOT in them: Our diapers are completely unbleached, contain no latex, fragrance, or TBT (tributyltin)
Made of GMO free plant material
Where it is made: Istambul, Turkey


Prepared Parent Diaper Sampler Package: Try all newborn and size 1 diaper sample packs


Earth's Best

(read more about Earth's Best diapers here)

 Website: https://earthsbest.com/en/products/category/diapers-and-wipes/diapers
Features: Breathable sides
Moisture barrier cuff
What's in them: They are made with renewable resources including corn and wheat starch for absorbency.
What's NOT in them: Latex free, dye free and fragrance free
Where it is made: Made in Mexico


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Bambo Nature

(read more about Bambo Nature diapers here)

 Website: www.bambonatureusa.com
Features: The wood used for pulp is derived from sustainable forestry
Fully breathable backsheet
Bambo Nature diapers are commercially compostable
Never tested on animals
What's NOT in it: We never add chemicals, dyes, parabens or perfumes and ensure that Bambo Nature products are free of all known allergens
No known substances that are harmful to health or the environment are used or added during production (Phthalates, Organotins [MBT, DBT, TBT], heavy metals, Chlorine (CI), Formaldehyde (HCHO) Colophonium, AZO pigments, PVC.)
There is no chlorine used or added in our manufacturing process
There are no harmful chemicals used or added during production (no optical brighteners, no skincare lotions, no perfumes or essential oils, no odor eliminators)
Where it is made: Denmark


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Seventh Generation

(read more about Seventh Generation diapers)

 Website: https://www.seventhgeneration.com/diapers
Features: The ultra absorbent core in Seventh Generation diapers is made with sustainably-sourced fluff and 0% chlorine bleaching.
Sizes N-2 feature soft, quilted liner made with unbleached cotton.
What is in it: “Totally chlorine-free processed wood fluff pulp (absorbent core), sodium polyacrylate (absorbent core), polypropylene (core wrap, cuff, moisture barrier layer, fastening system, outer layer), polyester and unbleached cotton (quilted liner), adhesives (seams, joints), polymer spandex (fastening system, leg elastic), polyurethane (waist elastic), inks (external printed designs), pigments.”
What's NOT in it: No lotions, fragrances, or chlorine bleaching
Where it is made: Manufactured in USA



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(read more about Babyganics diapers here)

 Website: http://babyganics.com/
What's in it: With NeoNourish® Seed Oil Blend: our own blend of tomato, sunflower, cranberry, black cumin and raspberry seed oils. We incorporate NeoNourish® into the diaper core to help support your baby’s skin health.
Plant-based ingredients
Our super absorbent core blend is made with renewable, plant-based material that reduces the amount of SAP gel needed.
What's NOT in it: No chlorine, latex, petroleum based lotions or fragrances
Our diapers use totally chlorine free (TCF) untreated fluff pulp.
Where it is made: Made in Mexico


Hello Bello

(read more about Hello Bello diapers here)

Website: hellobello.com
What's in it:

-Plant-derived absorbent core liner

-Sustainably harvested fluff pulp

What's NOT in it:

-No lotion

-No fragrance

-No phthalates

-No latex

Where it is made:



Millie Moon

(read more about Millie Moon diapers here)

 Website https://mymilliemoon.com/
What's in it

-sustainably sourced wood pulp

-wetness indicator

What's NOT in it

-no fragrance

-no lotion

-no latex

Where it is made China



This information is sourced from publicly available information provided directly from the brands themselves, via their websites or via email.

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