Why Diaper Samples?

Diaper Sample Pack

Our 20+ brands of diapers are packaged in 3-pack sample sizes.  We know that most of the time you know within the first 3 diapers if you love a brand, hate it, or would use it again.

But why not just 1 single diaper, why 3? Because life happens. A torn adhesive fastener, baby pees or poops before you get a good "feel" for the diaper, you accidentally fastened it wrong, someone else changed the baby, any number of things can happen while you're diapering.

We want you to be confident you're choosing the best diaper for your baby.

Why should I buy a variety pack instead of just buying what I think will work?

It saves money!  You would spend roughly $10 for a small pack of 1 brand of diapers. Great if they work, not so great if they leak or cause a rash.  What to do with the other 37 diapers in the pack that you don't want to use? Then you try another pack at $10. No leak, no rash, but you are worried about chemicals. Or you don't like the way they feel. Or smell. You want to try an eco-friendly pack, but they are only available by mail, often in bulk. Most moms try 3-5 brands before they find the right brand for their baby and their priorities.  That's throwing away anywhere from $50 to $75 just to try 5 brands if you buy them a pack at a time. Or, for less than $20 you can try 6 brands, find the "best" diaper for your baby and SAVE time, energy, frustration and more than $30.

I just placed my order.  When can I expect it to ship? We typically ship within 1-3 business days from the time your order is placed. Holidays may affect shipping times, both when an order is placed and in transit. If you are on a tight schedule, please let us know when placing your order so that we can try to accommodate any special request you may have.  When your order is ready to ship, you will receive an email with a tracking number for your convenience.  For more information, please see our shipping policy.

I want to ship directly to my recipient.  Can you do that? Yes!  Diaper Samples make great gifts! Just put the recipient's name and shipping address in the shipping portion of the order form. Consider including a gift message with your name so your recipient knows who to thank!

Please be advised, before we ship your package, we reserve the right to email you directly verifying the shipping address as part of our fraud prevention policy.  If we do not receive a response back from you within 48 hours, we will ship your package to the billing address provided.

If you would like a custom message included in the gift, enter it in the "comments" section during checkout.

What carriers do you use?  Can I request something else? We currently use both UPS and USPS.  Other carriers are not available at this time.

How do you calculate shipping? We now offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25.  We also offer a FLAT RATE shipping of only $5 within the continental U.S.  We also ship to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii for a reasonable shipping charge.  We reserve the option to ship UPS or USPS, depending on destination and weight of your order.  If you prefer UPS or USPS, we do offer that provider as an option, as well as offer UPS for expedited shipping options.

How do I know when my order shipped? Our system sends an order confirmation email automatically at the time your order is placed.  PLEASE verify your order and shipping address.  Contact us promptly if there are any errors.  You will also receive a shipping confirmation when your order is ready to ship. Once orders are shipped, they cannot be changed.   

If you did not receive a confirmation email, check your spam inbox. Consider adding sales@diaperdabbler.com to your "safe" addresses.

If you do not receive an order confirmation within 12 hours, and have checked your spam box, please email us at sales@diaperdabbler.com and we will verify if your order went through, as well as the email address the confirmation was sent to.

I'm nervous about using my credit card. Is my credit card information kept safe? Absolutely. We do not store any credit card information - all payment information is handled and managed by either PayPal or Stripe, both of which are PCI Compliant. They have each gone through rigorous testing to ensure that your credit card information is properly safeguarded.

I'm still not convinced.  Can I pay with a credit card through your PayPal option? Yes.  You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment with PayPal.  Select PayPal as your payment option.  Once you are redirected to PayPal's payment pages, simply select "I do not have a PayPal account" to make your payment with any major credit card.

Please note if you pay with Paypal, we do NOT ship to the PayPal shipping address. We ship to the "delivery" or "shipping" address on your order.  

What sizes do you offer? At this time, we carry Newborn, Size 1, and Size 3.  If you're looking for something specific that we don't carry, let us know! Suggestions are how we know what you want! We can also let you know if or when we begin carrying that in the future.

New in 2017- We now carry the Caregiver's Choice Diaper Sampler package with diapers of every size! See also Why Can't I Find Size 2 Diaper Samples on blog.

If I'm trying 12 or more different diapers, how can I keep track of which ones I do and don't like? Each brand sample pack is clearly labeled so Mom or Dad know what they are trying.  Our handy Diaper Brand Rating Card (included with every variety pack) will relieve your sleep-deprived brain from those details and make it easy to compare diapers.  Keep track of which diapers were loved, which diapers were loathed, and which diapers will work in a pinch when scrambling in the middle of the night!

How are the diaper packs prepared? All diapers are repackaged from their main bulk packaging into our sample packs of 3 individual diapers in a clean space.  Once a bulk pack is opened, all diapers are immediately repackaged to maintain freshness and quality, and the diapers are handled only once during the repackaging process.

Each brand sample pack is sealed in its own packaging and clearly labeled so Mom or Dad know what they are trying.  The entire set is wrapped in a bed of tissue paper, and shipped in protective packaging - box or padded envelope.  Great care is used to protect the quality of your diaper samples.

As part of our commitment to the environment, Diaper Dabbler uses eco-friendly packaging.

Why can’t I review diapers on this site?

There are hundreds of websites with reviews.  In our journey, we found that they really were not that helpful.  There are pros and cons to every diaper and every review is based on the unique difference of each reviewer and their baby.  The only true way to know what works for your baby, and your life and priorities, both economical and ecological, is to try a wide variety.  If some of the brands we carry are unfamiliar, or you would like to know a little more about them, try the links below:

http://www.earthsbest.com/products/product/2392305020 http://www.huggies.com/en-US/products http://www.naty.com/en/baby-care/diapers/ http://www.nurturedbynaturediapers.com/ http://www.pampers.com/en_US/Shop http://www.seventhgeneration.com/Diapers

The mommy-to-be already knows what brand she prefers/likes.  Why shouldn't I just buy her a pack of those? Mom might know what she prefers/likes based on her previous child, or from a recommendation of a friend or family member. But what if those diapers do not have the right fit for her new baby?  What if her preferred brand leaks, or causes a rash? Why risk having her throw away an entire pack of diapers?  Instead, give her the gift of options.  Give her the gift of helping her easily find the perfect diaper for her baby.

Would this make a good Baby Shower gift? These packages make thoughtful, practical gifts.  Diapers are a great, much-appreciated, useful gift for any new parent, whether it is their first or fifth baby.  It is always hard to know what kind of diapers Mom wants (or thinks she wants), and it’s hard for Mom to know if they will actually work with her new baby.  Help Mom by not only providing diapers, but by helping her make this important decision.  Diapers get changed at least 8-12 times a day on a newborn - it can either be a joy having the right diaper with the right quality and the right fit, or be miserable having to continuously change clothes due to leaks.

Do you offer an affiliate program? We do! Diaper Dabbler is happy to partner with bloggers and influencers via our affiliate program.

I found my perfect brand.  How do I buy more? Some brands you can buy directly from the company website or in a retail store. Many brands are available on Amazon or Diapers.com. Want to know where parents buy eco-friendly diapers?


Any other questions? Email us! Care@diaperdabbler.com

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