Frequently Asked Questions about Diaper Sampler Packages

Products - Questions about Diaper Sampler Packages:


How many diapers are in a diaper sample pack? How many do I REALLY need?

Each Diaper Sample Pack contains 3 diapers of the same brand. Those 3 diapers are sealed in a biodegradable clear cello bag and clearly labeled with the brand and size.

Check out our blog post How Many Diapers do you REALLY Need to Trial a Brand? (spoiler alert, the answer is 3!)

How Many Diapers do you Really Need to Trial a Brand?


What size diapers should I buy for a baby gift? 

Here's your answer!

What Size Diapers do I Buy for a Baby Gift?


What sizes do you offer?

At this time, we carry Diaper Sampler Packages in most sizes. We have the widest selection in Newborn, size 1, size 3 and size 4 with limited choices in sizes 2, 5 and 6. Check out our COMPLETE LIST of all brands and sizes we carry! We also now carry one Sampler Package with diapers in ALL sizes.

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Why Can't I Find size 2 Diaper Samples?


What brands of diapers do you carry?

Check out all the brands we carry HERE. We're up to more than 20 brands!


Can I add a Diaper Variety Package to my Baby Registry?

Yes, you can! Most online baby registries give you a way to add gifts from the web to your registry. Check out THIS PAGE to find your registry and get step-by-step instructions on how to add a gift.

How to get the Diapers you Really want from your Baby Shower


How are Diaper Sample Packs prepared?

All diapers are repackaged from their main bulk packaging into our sample packs of 3 individual diapers in a clean space.  Once a bulk pack is opened, all diapers are immediately repackaged to maintain freshness and quality, and the diapers are handled only once during the repackaging process.

Each brand sample pack is sealed in its own packaging and clearly labeled so Mom or Dad know what they are trying.  The entire set is wrapped in a bed of tissue paper, and shipped in protective packaging - box or padded envelope.  Great care is used to protect the quality of your diaper samples.

Read more about how we package our Diaper Sample Packs (and see it in action!) here.


Is this a subscription? Will I be charged monthly? 

Our Diaper Sampler Packages are a ONE TIME purchase. We do not offer a subscription or monthly deliveries. We think that the beauty of a Diaper Sampler Package is the ability to try a variety of diaper brands side-by-side to compare them and find the perfect diaper. No waste, no extra surprise charges!


Why should I buy a Diaper Sampler Package instead of just buying the brand of diapers I think will work?

It saves money!  You would spend roughly $10 for a small pack of 1 brand of diapers. Great if they work, not so great if they leak or cause a rash.  What to do with the other 37 diapers in the pack that you don't want to use? Then you try another pack at $10. No leak, no rash, but you are worried about chemicals. Or you don't like the way they feel. Or smell. You want to try an eco-friendly pack, but they are only available by mail, often in bulk. Most moms try 3-5 brands before they find the right brand for their baby and their priorities.  That's throwing away anywhere from $50 to $75 just to try 5 brands if you buy them a pack at a time. Or, for less than $20 you can try 6 brands, find the "best" diaper for your baby and SAVE time, energy, frustration and more than $30.


Can I order multiple gifts together?

You can order gifts to be sent to one address together, but they will be packaged in the same box. If you need extra Diaper Brand Rating Cards, you can leave a note at checkout or send a message to with your order number and we'll add it to the box.

If you are ordering gifts sent to different addresses, they will need to be ordered separately. 

Our Customer Service team is always happy to help, if you have specific instructions or questions about a packaging of a gift, feel free to reach out!


If I'm trying 12 or more different diapers, how can I keep track of which ones I do and don't like?

Each brand sample pack is clearly labeled so Mom or Dad know what they are trying.  Our handy Diaper Brand Rating Card (included with every variety pack) will relieve your sleep-deprived brain from those details and make it easy to compare diapers.  Keep track of which diapers were loved, which diapers were loathed, and which diapers will work in a pinch when scrambling in the middle of the night! We also have a FREE printable Diaper Brand Rating Chart.

Diaper Brand Rating Card



I found the perfect diaper for my baby! How do I buy more? 

I made you a complete list (with links) of where you can buy the diapers you tried!

Where to Buy Diapers


Do you sell baby wipes?

Not at this time. I know many customers have requested a Variety Package of Baby Wipes, but at this time we do not have one. Rest assured, we are seriously considering it!


Shipping Questions:

I just placed my order.  When can I expect it to ship?

We typically ship within 1-3 business days from the time your order is placed. Holidays may affect shipping times, both when an order is placed and in transit. If you are on a tight schedule, please let us know when placing your order so that we can try to accommodate any special request you may have.  When your order is ready to ship, you will receive an email with a tracking number for your convenience.  For more information, please see our shipping policy.

I want to ship directly to my recipient.  Can you do that?

Yes!  Diaper Variety Pack make great gifts! Just put the recipient's name and shipping address in the shipping portion of the order form. Consider including a gift message with your name so your recipient knows who to thank!


What shipping carriers do you use?  Can I request something else?

We currently use both UPS and USPS. Specific requests can be considered, but may add additional cost. Please contact us prior to ordering with any specific requests.

How do you calculate shipping?

We now offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $45.  We also offer a FLAT RATE shipping of only $6.95 within the continental U.S.  We also ship to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii for a reasonable shipping charge (calculated at checkout).  We reserve the option to ship UPS or USPS, depending on destination and weight of your order.  We also offer USPS for an expedited shipping option (calculated at checkout).

How do I know when my order shipped?

Our system sends an order confirmation email automatically at the time your order is placed.  PLEASE verifyyour order and shipping address.  Contact us promptly if there are any errors.  You will also receive a shipping confirmation when your order is ready to ship. Once orders are shipped, they cannot be changed.   

If you did not receive a confirmation email, check your spam inbox. Consider adding to your "safe" addresses.

If you do not receive an order confirmation within 12 hours, and have checked your spam box, please email us at and we will verify if your order went through, as well as the email address the confirmation was sent to.






Any other questions? Email us!