Mother Earth Diaper Variety Pack size 3

  • Mother Earth Diaper Variety Pack size 3
  • Mother Earth Diaper Sampler Package size 3
  • Diaper Brand Rating Card with Free Wipes Samples
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  • Mother Earth variety pack of diaper samples

Try 6 brands of environmentally friendly diapers

As babies grow and start moving more, their current diaper brand may not be up to the task of keeping them (and you) dry and happy. Leaky diapers and frequent pooplosions are often the result of a diaper not fitting right. Each brand of diaper is different, just as each baby is, so each fits differently.

The answer is to try a variety of brands of diapers to find the perfect diaper for your little one.

You will receive 18 diapers to try, comprised of a 3-pack of each of the following 6 brands of diapers:

Brands offered in 3-packs include:
· Aleva Naturals™ (13-24 lbs.)
· Bambo™ Size 4 (15-40 lbs.)
· babyganics™
· Earth's Best TenderCare™
· Seventh Generation Free & Clear™
· Naty by Nature BabyCare™ (9-20 lbs.)

All brands are labeled for babies 16-28 lbs, unless otherwise stated

Each brand sample pack is protectively sealed in plastic and clearly labeled so Mom or Dad know exactly which brand Baby is trying. The entire set is wrapped in a bed of tissue paper before being boxed. Great care is used to protect the quality of your diapers.

As part of our commitment to the environment, Diaper Dabbler uses eco-friendly packaging.

Your diaper variety package will also include a Diaper Brand Rating Card to help you keep track of which diapers you loved, hated, or would use again.

Diaper Dabbler, in partnership with our friends at Aleva Naturals, is thrilled to include a FREE sample of eco-friendly baby wipes with every Diaper Variety Package!

We make a donation to plant a tree for every Mother Earth eco-friendly diaper variety pack sold!

This Mother Earth Diaper Sampler Package Plants One TreeThe Mother Earth Diaper Variety Package is also available in size 1!


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