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My name is Julie Siewert, and I am the Mom behind the diapers.

I am a married mother of two living in the lovely four-season state of Wisconsin. I've got oodles of experience diapering babies (but alas, my kiddos have potty trained).

I distinctly remember crying in the diaper aisle at Target while making my baby registry with #1. There was so many choices! My friends all used different brands. I wanted to try the eco-friendly diapers, but the only brand I knew of didn't work for a friend of mine. A variety pack would've come in handy for me back then! And guess what, that brand I decided to register for? I hated.

At my baby shower for #1 I was handed a plastic grocery bag with a bunch of loose diapers from a friend, the open packs of diapers that didn't work for her baby or that they had outgrown. I thought it was odd, until I did the same thing a few years later (with those diapers I hated).

Oh, how times have changed! Now I give a Diaper Variety Pack for every baby shower (or when babies are born), so Mom and baby can find the right diaper without all the stress.

Besides running a business and keeping two children alive all day, I enjoy baking, walking, reading and family fun time.

If you're interested in learning more about me, I was interviewed as part of a HerStory Feature on The PhdMama.

Enjoy your diapering journey. Invest in the right diaper. The days are long, but the years are short. It will be over soon enough. 


Julie Siewert, owner of Diaper Dabbler LLC

Photo credit to Mary Breuer Photos

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