You should try name brand or store brand diapers!

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You should try Huggies, Pampers, Mama Bear (Amazon brand) and Up & Up (Target brand) diapers! You can Build Your Own Custom Diaper Sampler Package here with these brands and any others you want to try.


Based on your answers, name brand or store brand diapers might be your perfect diaper! These diapers are widely available, and cost less than eco-friendly diapers.


To find your favorite diaper, try a variety to see which one fits and feels the best.


Check out our top picks for you below...


Modest Mama Diaper Sampler Package: 8 brands of cost-effective diaper samples


Worth the money!


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Newborn Babes Diaper Sampler Package: 6 brands of newborn diaper samples


Great Idea!!!

I would have loved to have had something like this when my girls were babies. It would have been nice to get to try a different diapers without having to buy an entire package! I received my package quickly and without any issues! -Steph

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Build Your Own Custom Diaper Sampler Package: Diaper Samples of every brand



Very helpful

"The diaper sampler came quickly in the mail, and it has been extremely helpful. It was very nice to be able to sample multiple brands of diapers to see which fit best and which performed best without having to buy a whole pack of diapers that we may not like. We are not first time parents but the diapers we had used with our son just did not seem to be fitting our daughter very well. This allowed us to find a diaper that will fit her better." -Laura

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Didn't find what you were looking for? I'd be happy to consult with you personally to find just the right Diaper Sampler Package for you and your baby. Send an email to care (at)