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Size 3 Custom Diaper Variety Package

Sorry, this was a gift.

Great idea and all name brand! Bought for a family who will adopt but doesn't know what age the baby will be until they get the call. Great item that should be more offered! Thanks, Diaper Dabbler.

Fast service! Good variety!

As a soon-to-be new mom, I have no idea what diapers will and won’t work for my little one. I love this option of allowing me to try different brands and see what works for my little one without buying a big pack from the store only to find out it doesn’t fit well and wasting the rest. I can narrow down my favorites and buy the right one for us after sampling ones I’m interested in.


What a great idea! Being able to try different diapers before you buy. My baby is transitioning sizes and this let me see which diapers are the next size up but still on the smaller size to fit and also which ones still use the wetness stripe. I definitely now know which are my favorites and future go tos

Waiting to use

I’m due in March, but thought I’d buy a few of these for those first couple of days at home. My order shipped very quickly, packaging is super cute, and each type is labeled and packed just as you see it on the website. I wish there was an option to do something like this with wipes and bath products as well.

Baby isn't here yet...

But I really love the idea, and I'm glad I get to try a bunch of different brands before I buy in bulk. 5 stars from me!

Great idea

I haven't used them yet since baby isn't here, but shipping was quick and in general this is a great idea since every baby is different. I've recommended to a friend already. I love that many of the options are more eco-friendly diapers. Maybe there's another material to consider packaging them in besides plastic bags.

Worth the money!

Between worrying about fit, sensitive skin, and wanting to buy in bulk, the options from Diaper Dabbler are perfect!
Love that I could select as few or many brands I wanted for brands I was actually wanting to try (especially Costco, Sam’s, and Amazon). The score card is a nice touch in helping keep how we like each brand. Overall would recommend to any registry for an expecting family.

Excited to try!

I'm so happy to have found a site that offers sampler packages of a variety of brands! I hear so many stories of babies having sensitivity issues, so it's nice to have this option and not have to waste whole packages if a brand doesn't work.
Also, very speedy shipping!

Wonderful gift!

I ordered both the caregiver package and the new parents package as a gift and both arrived wrapped beautifully and in a timely manner! Julie and her team exceeded my expectations. Definitely will be ordering from Diaper Dabbler again!

Great idea!

I bought this as a baby shower gift and she loved it! She is a first time mom so I’m sure she will appreciate these samples even more when baby arrives!

Size 1 Custom Diaper Variety Pack

Caregivers Choice Diaper Sampler Pack

I was hesitant to switch my daughters diapers because she has allergies to certain kinds and gets a severe rash. She was using Pampers Swaddlers and then we switched to the Pampers Baby Dry because they seem to fit better and kept her more dry. She used the Pampers Baby Dry for about 3 weeks before we finally realized that they were the cause of her rash. We prefer buying our diapers in bulk so I wanted to try a selection of diapers before making any more purchases. Just Incase she has any more reactions to another diaper. Diaper Dabbler was PERFECT! I was able to select the brands that I wanted to try and there was no limit as to how many I could select to try. I highly recommend Diaper Dabbler to anyone who is searching for the perfect diaper for their baby!

Very helpful

The diaper sampler came quickly in the mail, and it has been extremely helpful. It was very nice to be able to sample multiple brands of diapers to see which fit best and which performed best without having to buy a whole pack of diapers that we may not like. We are not first time parents but the diapers we had used with our son just did not seem to be fitting our daughter very well. This allowed us to find a diaper that will fit her better.

Great for first time parents

This was exactly what I needed to figure out what diapers worked best for our family.

Still Pregnant

I’m still pregnant, so I haven’t tried the diapers yet....I’m just under 38 weeks pregnant. Shipping was really good and fast!!

So happy with it!

I love the whole idea of this company. I am so excited to try all of the diapers I ordered and see how they work for us.

Size 1 Custom Diaper Variety Pack

The perfect service!

I purchased this sampler for myself because I was dealing with the wrong fit for the one brand of diapers that I purchased for my little one. The combination of diapers allowed me to find my favorite one and a few backup brands that I could purchase as alternates. Who knew diapers could fit in completely different ways?! The shipping was fast and I'm definitely purchasing this as baby shower gifts for everyone I know. Thank you Diaper Dabbler for giving parents an easier way to find the right diaper for their little ones! A++

Perfect baby shower gift

This is my go-to gift from a first to a fifth baby shower. Never fails to be a hit. Quick shipping, nicely wrapped, and the diaper rating card is a great idea!

Perfect Baby Gift!

I am all about a useful gift. If you know anything about babies, every diaper fits every baby differently. So, instead of getting a bunch of boxes of different diapers for the expecting mother to try (and inevitably waste) I found this! GENIUS!

Great for choosing a diaper!

So excited to have stumbled upon this resource! I wish I had discovered it sooner! I was trying to find a truly eco-conscious diaper and was overwhelmed after my research, so I bought a few kinds from the store. The Mother Earth Variety pack from Diaper Dabbler let me try all of the ones I was looking at online! It was so helpful and allowed me to easily decide which ones I didn’t like and which one I wanted to go with long term. I highly recommend it!

Newborn size Custom Diaper Variety Pack