What our customers LOVE about Diaper Dabbler

"This is the perfect gift for a new mom"

"I think this is so brilliant!"

"Such a great idea"

Lindsey C.—“I think it's the perfect gift and I really appreciate your great customer service”

Cool Mom Picks – “Diaper Dabbler is a brilliant new way for new parents to try a mix of disposable diaper brands--for the same price as gambling on one package of a brand that might not suit your wee babe's bottom.”

Cheyenne Haynes, For This Child Newborn Care"I LOVE Diaper Dabbler. Diaper Dabbler is a company that puts together packs of a variety of diapers, including custom packs. This is a great way for new parents to find out which diapers they like best. I also love order custom packages for baby showers and to put in clients' goodie bags. Check them out!"

Jennifer K. -- “Thanks EVER so much for responding, finding my order, then fixing the problem!! I can't tell u how much I appreciate it. I was able to go ahead and place the order.”

Pregnant Chicken - Best Gifts for a new mom

April R. - "This approach helped us save a surprising amount of money."

Two In Diapers: “I personally loved the idea as a baby shower gift. I’m always looking for new, fun, helpful, and unique gifts to give the mother-to-be, and I think these diaper variety packs are a wonderful idea, especially for a first-time mom!”

Babywise Mom – “I think this is one of the best stores I have ever encountered.”

Nicole M -- “I think this is a fabulous idea!”

The Little Dabbler -- "starting out we would have had no idea which to use!  Some of the diapers were complete crap.  I mean that literally.  They were so bad at keeping in our son’s crap that we wanted to throw them away (we didn’t, so don’t worry earth-lovers).  I won’t name any of the brand names… unless you ask nicely.  Through our diaper trying trial we kept saying to each other how nice it would be to have a sample pack of all the different diaper brands so we could find the best fit diaper without wasting an entire box." 

CoolMompicks – “The only thing that hurts more than tossing or giving away a huge box of unused FAIL diapers is having one explode during a family photo in that all-white Easter outfit that buttons up the back.”

Popsugar: “If only Diaper Dabbler had been around six years ago…so Mama can pick the diaper that works best for her tot, saving time and money in the process.”

Julie R. –“I just wanted to tell you that this is an AWESOME idea and I wish I knew about this back when my son was born. I have sent your site out to all of my mom friends to get out the word.”

Smart Mom Picks “That is why I love the idea of Diaper Dabbler.”

Suzanne S. “Thank you so much for your help. Successfully ordered this morning and I am so grateful you took the time to care and help!”

RealMomsRealViews “One thing that I can’t decide on though is diapers.  I always hear, it depends on the baby.“

Angela M. “Thanks for all of your help.  Your company is such a great idea.”

BeingFrugaland Making it Work “Wouldn't it be nice if you could sample an array of disposable diaper brands before purchasing a large pack?  Well, now you can.. with Diaper Dabbler!”

DaisyJD: “I plan on starting with newborn sized Pampers Swaddlers (not available at Costco) and then ordering this sampler pack of size one diapers and trying out all the brands and going from there.”

Mark F. “Thanks sincerely for your quick reply and taking my minor complaint seriously.”

Mastering Mommy Brain: “I love what Beth has done with this company, and think this is a must-have solution to the frustrated mom trying to find the diaper that works the best for her baby and I LOVE this as an idea for a new baby or shower gift.”

MommySplurge -- "I love that these are sealed up and the presentation is so nice and this is so giftable."

TiramisuMom: “With both of my kids, it took awhile to find a good diaper fit. Inevitably, I was left with a few full boxes that failed to connect well to my kid's butts.” “this is a super idea”

Jennifer K. -- “This company is such a great idea, and I really appreciate the wonderful customer service”

rylanandkristina-- “this is a super idea”

Modern Baby “In the end, it’s worth it to spend a little extra up-front if it means you can settle on a diaper that fits your baby, your lifestyle, and leaves you free to worry about more important things (for example, did you get enough cuddle time today?)”

Julie at BabyNav Baby Planners “As a baby planner, I spend a lot of time recommending baby gear based on a family’s aesthetic, lifestyle, budget and desire to be economically friendly. However, this criteria only helps a family get so far when it comes to disposable diapers. It isn’t until you meet baby and know their shape and how sensitive their skin will be to getting a rash that you can know which diaper is best for them.”

Dwell on Joy “Of the many challenges new parents face, one of them is finding the right diaper for baby. I write this with loads of experience, having had three boys in and out of diapers. When they were all infants, I preferred one type of diaper to contain all of those newborn blowouts. But once they got older, those diapers were no longer necessary, and I was ready to move onto something less expensive. Especially when you have more than one child in diapers! But how do you know what brand of diaper to buy? Do you spend $20 or more on a box of diapers that maybe aren't the right fit for your baby? I sure have. And for lack of a better word, it stinks!”

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