Are Your Baby's Diapers Made in the USA?
Every parent has their own priorities, their “line in the sand”, if you will. When you’re faced with a gazillion different brands of disposable diapers, your priorities can help you narrow the list down to the ones you’d like to try.

If a “made in the USA” sticker is your priority, I’ve got your back. Did you know that it’s not so easy to Google where each diaper brand is manufactured? Well, the Googling part is easy, it’s the ANSWERS that are lacking. I had to email most of the companies directly to find the answer to “where are your diapers made?”. But my work is your gain.

Without any further ado, here are your American made diapers (in no particular order):
Now, this is not an exhaustive list. I could not survey every single diaper brand out there. I based my list (selfishly) on the brands that Diaper Dabbler carries. You can see the full list of brands, as well as additional research and information about each brand here.
Are Your Baby's Diapers Made in the USA?

What was interesting is that the vast majority of diapers are made in the United States. And that the major name-brand diapers were all US made, and even the store brand diapers were made in America too! Most of the eco-friendly diapers are not made in the US.

One note of clarification, while I’m saying these brands are made in the USA, I do not know where the materials they use to make the diapers are from. I take that to mean that the diapers are “made” in the US from components that might not be from around here. Maybe all the brands assemble the diapers in the USA from foreign components, or maybe they don’t. We don’t know.
Walmart's Parent's Choice diapers boasts that their diapers are made in the USA with 75% or more US materials. It's printed on their packaging now, so they're not fooling around.
Modest Mama Diaper Variety Package Made in the USA

Did you know, all the diapers in our Modest Mama diaper variety package are made in the USA?

Do you use diapers made in the USA? What are your reasons?