Practical Gifts for a Newborn

by Julie Siewert November 06, 2019

Practical Gifts for a Newborn

This is the gift-giving time of year.

I love the holidays and I enjoy giving thoughtful, useful gifts. But when you have a new baby on your gift list, it can be hard to decide what to buy them. There is probably little that they need, but you also don't want to skip over them just because they can't thank you yet.


Here are some of my favorite Mom-approved gifts for a new baby:


What do babies wear more than pajamas? Super-soft bamboo jammies are perfect for new babies (or not so new babies).

Shop Little Sleepies here

Toddler wearing Banana Baby Bamboo Zippy Pajamas


New parents will appreciate hands-free snuggling with a SleepBelt. This is a perfectly useful gift that pairs well with those sleepy newborn days.

Shop LIttle Zen One here

Mother wearing a newborn baby against her chest using a sleep belt


Classic baby clothes that fit up to 3 times longer?! PLUS sustainably and ethically made in the US? This isn't just baby clothes, it's a statement piece!

Shop Beya made here

Rainbow stripe Linen Baby Romper - Beyamade


Adorable little soft shoes for baby are much more likely to keep those toes covered than socks that fall off and get lost. Plus they are so cute!

Shop Cabooties here

Baby legs and feet wearing shoes


Blankets are used for so many things, but this gorgeous chunky blanket makes the best backdrop for baby photos!

Shop King and Eye Crochet here

Newborn baby posed in a basket on top of a chunky knit blanket


Organic sleep sacks are amazing for babies. These look so snuggly!

Shop BE LOVE Kids here

Newborn baby in a Moses basket wearing a sleep sack


What is more practical than diapers for a new baby? A Diaper Sampler Package is a great way for baby to try a variety of diaper brands. No more rashes, leaks or pooplosions. Baby and parents can be happy with that!

Shop Diaper Dabbler here

Diaper Sample Packs in a white gift box with a gift card


Safe AND warm? It can be done! Moms now realize that puffy winter coats and snowsuits can't be worn in carseats...or can they? SAFE snowsuits designed to be worn with a 5-point harness are just what a baby in cold climates needs!

Shop Onekid here

Purple Infant Road Coat snowsuit - Onekid


Clothes with a message. This one would get worn before all the others.

Shop Anchor & Nest here

Baby wearing a one-piece shirt with the words Be Kind.


Toys? Always. This "sweet" organic rattle is sure to be a favorite!

Shop Mouse Loves Pig here

Baby chewing on a pineapple shaped rattle


For photos, or any time you don't want to show off your baby's diaper, a Monogrammed Diaper Cover is the perfect accessory for baby's outfit.

Shop Miss Monogram here

Baby's bottom wearing a monogrammed diaper cover


Stain and water proof clothing? Where has this been all my life?!

Shop Snug Bub here

Baby one-piece jumpsuit in white and red with a crab design


Happy shopping!


Baby sleeping under tree with lights, caption "Practical Gifts for a Newborn Baby"


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