4 Kinds of Diaper Showers: Which One is Right for Your Friend?

by Julie Siewert February 11, 2018

4 Kinds of Diaper Showers: Which One is Right for Your Friend?

You’ve been nominated to throw a baby shower for your friend, cousin, sister, or co-worker. You know that babies go through like a million diapers before they are potty trained, so you want to help the new mom stock up on as many diapers as possible. There are so many ways to throw a great diaper shower!


Diaper Shower Invitation - GenerationsInk 

(photo courtesy of GenerationsInk)


Diaper Raffle

You can host a Diaper Raffle. For every package or box of diapers someone brings to the shower, they get one entry into the raffle. Make it a great prize, and don’t forget to let them know ahead of time so they can plan for it. This way the mom-to-be gets a present AND diapers!


Diaper Raffle Baby Shower Card - Little Sizzle

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A Manly Shower

So many ways to play this one, but “Huggies and Chuggies” is my favorite play on words. Throwing a Guy shower, the guys will all bring a pack of diapers and have some fun with the Dad-to-be. Bonus points if it’s on the same day as the mom’s baby shower!


Huggies and Chuggies Diaper Shower Invitation - CharlyCreates

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Just a Sprinkle 

A “Sprinkle” or a baby shower for a second (or more) baby in the family is an excellent time to get together to celebrate the growing family. Since these families don’t often need all the baby basics, diapers are a great gift to give!


Diaper Shower Invitation - CohenLane

(photo courtesy of CohenLane)


Diaper Throne

This works great if there's a large group of friends throwing the shower or if someone has the means (or diaper stockpiling skills) to buy a whole bunch of diapers. You're really going to want to use full boxes of diapers to build a throne that can support the mom-to-be. What a picture-perfect moment!


Digital Diaper Shower

You can even have a diaper shower when you're not there in person! New Moms Kirstin and Melissa started an online Diaper Shower platform. What a great idea for friends and family not local, or for virtual showers! Check it out at www.diapershower.com


Even on the theme of 'diapers' there are options for gift-giving. A unique gift that will make you stand out in the sea of diapers is a Diaper Variety Package.


Best Friend tip - Buy a Diaper Sampler


There are also some great theme and design options when throwing a Diaper Shower. If you’re crafty, a diaper cake, diaper bouquet or diaper wreath are fun additions to the party!

Think about all the diaper-themed games that you can play, too. Melted candy bars in diapers, write a midnight note on diapers for the parents or diapering dolls races.


4 Kinds of Diaper Showers: Which One is Right for Your Friend? 

Diaper Showers are becoming more common. It is definitely not “greedy” or “presumptuous” to host a diaper shower and ask that guests get diapers for the new parents. And many guests appreciate the simplicity of buying diapers without the inconvenience of hunting down a gift registry, making a special trip to a baby store to buy a specific gift, and trying to guess which specific swaddle blanket the Mom will want. Great Aunt Edna can easily grab a package of diapers while she’s out grocery shopping.

Diaper Showers are useful and fun! So what kind will you host?


Can't have a diaper shower due to social distancing? Here's a great way to try a HUGE variety of different diaper brands!

26 brands of Diaper Samples sitting on a baby's shelf, text of 5 star review "I bought this for my daughter who was unable to have a baby shower due to Coronavirus. No diaper raffle. She loved it!!! Wish I could buy her more." 


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