Ten Gifts You Forgot to Add to Your Amazon Baby Registry

Who knew it would be SO HARD to register for baby gifts? Between making sure you’ve got the basics, everything on that Pinterest list you found, and all of the things your crazy cousins insisted you NEED, you’ve got a list a mile long. But here’s a few more you might have missed. You can thank me later!

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You do have an Amazon Baby Registry, right? There is no reason you wouldn’t. Besides the fact that Amazon has everything, your friends all shop there, and it’s super-easy, they have a registry completion discount! Whatever is on your list that you don’t get as a gift, you can buy with a discount (I mean, how often do you get a discount on your Amazon purchase?!). Shop Amazon - Create an Amazon Baby Registry 


Ten Gifts You Forgot to Add to your Amazon Baby Registry


Here are 10 gifts you probably forgot to add to your Amazon Baby Registry. Did you know you could also add these gifts to your universal online baby registry (Babylist, GuguGuru and MyRegistry), too? Oh, yeah!

1. Lactation goodies! Regardless if you NEED a boost in the breastmilk department, these look seriously YUM. And cookies are something every Mom needs. I might even call this a health food. ;) There’s a cookie mix, too.



2. Diaper Variety Package. How great is that? You can try a bunch of different brands of diapers to find your favorite right away without buying a million different packages?! Score! There's also one with just eco-friendly diapers.


3. Baby headbands (probably only if you’re having a girl). These are so sweet and adorable and they’ll fit until she’s a really big girl and can pick out her own.



4. Baby keepsake handprint kit. Life is busy, and will get even crazier with a new baby in the house. But this is something you’ll look back on and thank yourself for doing.



5. A Combination nursing scarf/carseat cover/cart cover/infinity scarf magical piece of fabric. I love things that do double duty, and this does way more than that!



6. Cloth diapers. They are amazingly absorbent! Even if (and maybe especially if) you’re not using them on your baby’s bum, they're awesome. Think of all the spit up, drool, and baby leaks you’ll be dealing with soon enough. These are workhorses! Plus you can actually use them as diapers if you want. And when your kid grows up…they’re still going strong as cleaning rags!


7. Baby shoes. They come in girls styles, boys styles or gender neutral. They’ll be needing foot covers soon enough! These hold the socks on, keep feet warm AND are the best soft-soled first steps shoe. Oh yeah, and they are adorable!



8. Baby hearing protection. Not a need, but at this price, it’s handy to have! Fireworks, sporting events, concerts, parades…basically everything is too loud for baby’s ears. These are so helpful in protecting baby’s hearing and keeping everyone calm.


9  Monthly stickers. Monthly and milestone photos are all over social media. These are adorable and easy to use. Girl-y stickersboy necktie stickers, or gender neutral!



10. Amazon Prime Membership. This should totally be on your list. It never hurts to ask! Think about how much money 20% off diaper subscriptions will save you. Shop Amazon - Give the Gift of Amazon Prime 


And there you have it! There's 10 things you forgot to add to your Amazon baby registry. Thought of some I forgot? Share in the comments!

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