Exploring Baby Registries Series: Gugu Guru

by Julie Siewert June 17, 2018

Exploring Baby Registries Series: Gugu Guru

Gone are the days when expectant parents just went to their local Babies “R” Us store and registered for the baby items they wanted. Today, Moms are increasingly turning to the internet for their baby registries. There are many reasons to use online registries, including ease of use (shopping or registering in your pj’s!), nationwide or worldwide availability, simplicity of ordering and comparing items, and the unlimited options of using multiple shops.

In our Exploring Baby Registries series, we are aiming to demystify online baby registries by looking at the features of each one and giving you the information you need to choose which one is right for you! Come along on the journey, today we’re examining Gugu Guru (pronounced "Goo-goo Guru") baby registry.


*Disclaimer: This post is not endorsed or sponsored by Gugu Guru. All opinions are my own and information obtained was from my own internet research. For more information about Gugu Guru, visit their website at www.guguguru.com.


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Besides having a catchy name that you can’t help but smile when you say (try it, I dare you!), Gugu Guru is one of the big baby registries with some fancy features, especially if you don’t want to have to do it all on your own.


What makes them stand out:

Before you start your Gugu Guru baby registry, you take a quiz. Gugu Guru recommends products for you according to your answer profile. Even more, they have a Concierge service. You can literally hire professional baby planners to create your baby registry for you. What a HUGE benefit! Even without paying for their Gugu Guru Concierge service, you get the experience of the pros. After you create your registry, you can choose to either publish it right away or send it in for review by a real person!


The basics:

Gugu Guru’s website has an "Explore" section, where you can check out all products they recommend. What they don’t have included in their recommendations, you can add from the web at the end of your registry.

Gugu Guru's blog has product highlights, gift guides, inspiration and more.

Gugu Guru's baby registry has been featured by many big bloggers like Cate + Ilaand Pregnant Chicken.


 Gugu Guru Baby Registry Quiz


How to get started:

Starting a Gugu Guru registry was easy.  Just a quick and simple style questionnaire, I probably spent 5 minutes choosing mood boards that were “more like” or “less like” my style. I also answered a few questions about my lifestyle (type/setting of home, activity level, etc.).

Then they recommend which products might be great for you. If you don’t love their choice, they give you a whole bunch of other options to choose from. You can even choose if their recommendation isn’t in your price point and they’ll adjust the recommendations!

They’ll also remind you of things you “should” add to your registry to go along with your favorite items (like the mattress protector specific to your co-sleeper).

There are oodles of categories and baby items to choose from when building your registry. They’ve thought of pretty much everything, including Netflix gift cards and pizza. This is going to take some time. But, at least you’re not wandering through a store. You can do this in your pj’s while eating ice cream.

You also have the option at the end of all the choices to “add a custom product”. Here’s where you can add what YOU want to your registry. You can add items from your favorite small shops or unique Etsy finds that Gugu Guru doesn’t know about yet. Just copy/paste the link and you can add it to your registry. They don’t make it real obvious, or very convenient, but it’s there for you to add things that you haven’t already found in their recommendations (you know, like your favorite Diaper Variety Package 😉).


 Add a Custom Product to your Gugu Guru Baby Registry

After you’ve found all that you want on your registry, you can choose to either publish it or send it to their expert to review it for you.

Their professional Baby Planners (including the famous Julie McCaffrey from BabyNav Baby Planners) can provide you guidance in choosing the products that are right for your family. It could save you a boatload of time and stress to let someone else plan out your registry.


Now, the fun begins! Go create your baby registry, and don’t forget about your favorite small shops!


And may I suggest registering for a Mega Mom Diaper Variety Package (or any Diaper Dabbler Sampler Package). It is the perfect gift to help you decide which brand of diapers will work best for your baby.


Want to check out the other Baby Registries, too? Look for our Exploring Baby Registries Series posts.


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Happy registering!

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