Exploring Baby Registries: Babylist

by Julie Siewert September 27, 2022

Exploring Baby Registries: Babylist

Gone are the days when expectant parents just went to their local Babies “R” Us store and registered for the baby items they wanted. Today, Moms are increasingly turning to the internet for their baby registries. There are many reasons to use online registries, including ease of use (shopping or registering in your pj’s!), nationwide or worldwide availability, simplicity of ordering and comparing items, and the unlimited options of using multiple shops.

In our Exploring Baby Registries series, we are aiming to demystify online baby registries by looking at the features of each one and giving you the information you need to choose which one is right for you! Come along on the journey, we’re going to start with Babylist baby registry.

*Disclaimer: This post is not endorsed or sponsored by Babylist. All opinions are my own and information obtained was from my own internet research. For more information about Babylist, visit their website at www.babylist.com.

 Exploring Baby Registries: Babylist

Babylist is one of the most popular and well-known online baby registries. They boast that 1 in 5 first-time families create a Babylist baby registry, and that over $12 million in gifts have been given using the Babylist registry.


What makes them stand out:

With your Babylist registry, you can register for physical products AND gifts you can’t put a price on (think: dog walking, home cooked meals, babysitting services).


The basics:

Babylist offers a free app and registries are available from any device you use.

Currently, Babylist is offering a free Hello Baby Box with new registries. This is something we’re seeing more often now as online baby registries are working to offer some of the same benefits as their in-store counterparts.

Babylist’s website has Sample Registries (like this one from Pregnant Chicken)  and Gift Guides on their website to help you find popular items that others register for.  You can register for gifts you find across the internet, from big box stores online to Etsy or other small unique shops.


How to get started:

Starting a Babylist registry was VERY easy. You can start it on your laptop or download their app. Visit their website at www.babylist.com.

If you’re using your laptop, on most browsers you can get a “Babylist button” that will make it quick and easy to add anything across the web to your registry. If you find something you like while on the web, just click the “Add to Babylist” button in your bookmarks and it’s added to your registry.

Screenshot add to registry Mega Mom Diaper Sampler Package

If you’re using their app to add products, click on the + symbol and search or type in the website address you’re looking for. Once you find what you want, use the “Add” button in the bottom corner.


Babylist app add Mega Mom Diaper Sampler to Registry

You will have the option to add notes to each registry item. You can make note of which color or style you’d like, or just mention that you’d really like that item.

You will specify your mailing address in your registry. When your friends are shopping your registry, they can choose to have the gifts sent to them or sent directly to you. Your guests will choose which gift they want to buy, and then come back to let your Babylist registry know that they have bought the gift for you. You’ll have access to a great “thank you card” list for after your shower!


Now, the fun begins! Go find your favorite baby products from across the web, and don’t forget about your favorite small shops! 

And may I suggest registering for a Mega Mom Diaper Variety Package (or any Diaper Dabbler Sampler Package). It is the perfect gift to help you decide which brand of diapers will work best for your baby. 😉


Want to check out the other Baby Registries, too? Look for ourExploring Baby Registries Series posts.


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Happy Registering!


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