What to Write in a Gift Message for a New Baby Gift: Corona edition

by Julie Siewert April 09, 2020

What to Write in a Gift Message for a New Baby Gift: Corona edition

While it might seem like time is kind of standing still during this global pandemic, one thing has not been cancelled…babies. They aren’t waiting to be born until after this Corona virus panic lessens. Baby showers may have been cancelled (or been changed to virtual baby showers), but these babies are still being born, ready or not.

COVID-19 has many people scared and worried (new moms included). But I am seeing a unique side of things. Friends are stepping up and buying gifts for each other, now more than ever! Since they can’t be there in person, they are sending gifts! Ahem, your favorite Diaper Sampler Package 😉


What do you write in a gift card during a global crisis?

Oh my, have you guys stepped up your gift-card writing game! I have seen THE BEST and funniest gift cards being written now. Enjoy!


The funniest gift cards:

"Things are a little “shitty” right now…ha! Just a little something to get you guys hype. Can’t wait to meet the baby!"


"Always here for you, but not like HERE, here"


"Sorry your baby had to be born during a global pandemic, but here’s a present"


"The New Parent’s Contingency Plan: A few diapers in each size, to buy you some time before rushing to the store…for the third time…that week" (sent with THIS gift)



Poop jokes are always in style when sending diapers:


"Wanna hear a poop joke? Nah, it stinks."


"Shit just got real. Happy baby!"


"Holy crap, you’re having a baby!"


Gift with purple ribbon and gift message "things are a little 'shitty' right now" 

Some “reach out and touch you” gift messages:

"I know you’re not sure about which diaper brands you might like yet, but here’s a Sampler with the ones we tried and liked. Hopefully this will give you a leg up!"


"We loved trying out diapers this way when Sam was a newborn!

Love, the Smith's"


"Congratulations, I sure wish this had been available when our girls were born"


Photo of 26 brands of Diaper Samples on a baby shelf with 5 star review "I bought this for my daughter who was unable to have a baby shower due to Coronavirus. No diaper raffle. She loved it!!! Wish I could buy her more"


Traditional gift messages for a new baby:

"Special delivery for a special little baby boy"


"We hope this takes a little bit of stress out of all the choices there are for babies! You two are going to do great!"


"Happy birth day"


"We can’t wait to welcome your little boy, Here’s a gift from us, we hope you enjoy!"


Gift with green ribbon and gift message "Congratulations, I sure wish this had been available when our girls were born. It would have been such a Godsend"


Save these gems for later, or use them now. But make sure to wash your hands first! 😉


Our Diaper Sampler Packages make the perfect new baby gift, especially during a pandemic! I mean, who wants to run out to the store to try and buy multiple boxes of different brands of diapers? Our Mega Mom or Natural Choice for New Babies Diaper Sampler Packages are our most popular gifts, and can be shipped right to the new family.


Natural Choice for New Babies Diaper Sampler Package


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