How to Have a Virtual Baby Shower

by Julie Siewert March 19, 2020

How to Have a Virtual Baby Shower

Virtual baby showers have been around for many years for expectant parents who are on bed rest, in the military or live far away from relatives and loved ones. Now they have quickly become the ONLY way to celebrate a new baby together safely.


Why have a virtual baby shower?

With a virtual baby shower, guests from across town or around the world can share in the joy and celebration of the new mom and baby.

Expecting parents might choose a virtual baby shower due to:

-social distancing concerns

-health (or lack thereof) of the Mother or guests


-distance from family/friends



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What forums could one use for a virtual baby shower?

With technological advances, video has come a long way! Facebook live, Messenger Rooms, Zoom, Google Hangout and Skype, there are many choices for the platform to use for your baby shower.

-Facebook: with a private Facebook group, family and friends can keep in touch with each other and Mom through videos and chat. There is no live "back and forth" video feature, but Mom can record videos and guests can watch them at their leisure. Mom can share photos and links as well as video.

-Zoom: this is a big name in video conferencing. If you do video conferencing or webinars, you may have already used the Zoom platform. Zoom offers a free or paid plan, and their free plan includes video conferencing with up to 100 people! Now that's a big party!

-Google Hangout: Google Hangout has been around for a long time and is well-tested. Free group video calls can include up to 10 people.

-Skype is probably the most well-known of the video platforms, many people already have a Skype account. They have a group video chat for free for up to 50 people.


What do you do at a virtual baby shower?

Anything you want! Depending on how you set it up, some Moms play games with their guests and talk back and forth, you can “share snacks” by having all guests eating their favorite party food during the video. A virtual toast to the new mom is also a fun way to cap off a baby shower.

Most baby showers include presents, and a virtual shower is no exception! Guests are asked to send their gifts directly to the new mom (and she promises not to open them) and she opens them live on video. This way, guests can “oooh and aaah” over all the baby gifts and Mom and Dad get what they need for baby.


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What gifts do guests buy for a virtual baby shower?

Anything they want! Most baby registries are available online now, so guests from all over can view and purchase gifts online. Some of our favorite baby registries are Babylist, Amazon Baby Registry, Blueprint, MyRegistry and Target Baby Registry. Big and small, most gifts can be shipped directly to the new parents and some companies even offer gift wrap!


Diaper Sampler Package: 7 Diaper Sample Packs in a white gift box with a card


Gifts like this Mega Mom Diaper Sampler Package can be gift wrapped and sent directly to the new parents. This popular gift includes sample-size packs from 12 brands of diapers, so new parents can try a variety of brands to find the perfect diaper for their new baby.


Who hosts a virtual baby shower?

Many Moms-to-be host their own virtual baby showers, many times due to necessity. It’s not taboo to throw your own virtual shower, but if you have a "techie" or experienced friend willing to set it up, let them handle it!


Do I have to DIY my virtual baby shower or is there a company that can do it for me?

In researching for this post, I came across They handle all the details of hosting your virtual baby shower! With different plans available, they handle it all like themes, invitations, setting up the platform, games and photo albums.


Are virtual baby showers too difficult for elderly relatives or low-tech friends?

Nope! Setting up a virtual baby shower isn’t difficult, and once it’s set up (for most platforms) you send your guests a link to log into the video call. The only barrier would be for guests without internet access.


Virtual baby showers are not new, but many expecting parents will now be having virtual baby showers instead of live, in-person baby showers. What wonderful technology we have to still be able to celebrate the new mom and baby, even while social distancing.


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