Giving Back - 17 Trees Planted
Disposable diapers are a huge drain on our environment, am I right? But seriously, the whole world is not going to ditch convenience to help out Mother Earth a little. So, what to do?!
As a business owner, I try to do my part. I recycle where I can and I'm working towards using recycled packaging for my products. 
As a mom, I teach my kids about the environment and we use eco-friendly products and practices at home. But is it ever enough?
In 2016, Pregnant Chicken published a blog post Baby Gifts that Give Back, and it was like lightning! I could do something awesome and make a difference. The idea was born.
I like the idea of planting trees, because, well, I like breathing. Also, the Lorax. It was a pretty easy choice. 
Enter in our fantastic partner, One Tree Planted. Matt makes it super-simple to donate money to plant a tree. Easy. Here’s a dollar, there’s a tree. And there is no dirt under my fingernails. You can even pick where you want your tree planted. But they won’t come plant it in your back yard, sorry.
Diaper Dabbler and One Tree Planted - Reforestation Partners
Midway through 2016 I got things up and running with Project Give Back and decided that we’d plant one tree for every Mother Earth eco-friendly diaper variety pack sold from here on out. It’s a win-win. New parents get to sample environmentally friendly diapers (saving the world), and Diaper Dabbler plants a tree (saving the world again).
So, for 2016 we planted 17 trees. It might not sound like much, but it’s a start. You have to start somewhere.
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. –The Lorax
Giving Back - 17 Trees Planted via @diaperdabbler
What do you do to help save the Earth?
Thanks for reading!