How Many Diapers do you Really Need to Trial a Brand?

We all have heard that the process of finding the right diaper for a new baby is "trial and error" and you may need to try a few brands of diapers to find the right one for your baby. But how many diapers does it take to decide if you love or hate a brand of diapers? How many diapers should a “trial” include?


Is ONE diaper enough?

NO WAY! Too many times, I have gotten out a diaper, only to have it wet or soiled before even getting it fastened. Surely I’m not the only one.  I’m not sure that one diaper is enough to determine if your child will have a reaction to it (how long is a diaper REALLY on when they are small? An hour or two, maybe?). How will it hold up overnight? Or to a big pooplosion?

One diaper might be enough to decide if you hate a diaper brand right off the bat. If it smells too strongly or feels rough, one might be all it takes to toss it right out the window. But in order to test the function of the diaper, you’ll need more than that. You need to know if a diaper will WORK for your baby.


How Many Diapers do you Really Need to Trial a Brand?


Do I need a whole package of diapers?

Even the smallest package of diapers in the store has 25-30 diapers. You will find out well before then if that brand gives your baby a rash or leaks because it doesn’t fit right. You’ll be left with an almost full package of diapers, and need to go buy another.

Many Moms report that within the first 3 diapers they knew if a diaper brand would not work for their baby. If a baby is going to have a chemical reaction or diaper rash from a brand of diapers, it will probably show up within those first few diapers. How many wet laps do you need before deciding that a diaper brand doesn’t fit your baby right and leaks?

I hate wasting diapers. You can always donate extras to your local diaper bank, or gift to a friend, but you may find yourself with multiple open packages of diapers taking up space in your nursery. Not to mention those emergency trips to the store to buy more diaper brands.


Diaper samples stacked in front of baby 


What makes you LOVE a diaper?

When I think about the diapers I LOVED for my kids, they were the diapers that WORKED for them. The diaper brand we ultimately used throughout our diapering journey were the ones that fit well, didn’t leak and didn’t smell (that’s my thing, I can’t stand diapers that smell strongly). I really loved another brand of diapers for it’s amazing eco-properties, feel and fit on my baby, but the cost was just too high for me to use them all the time.

I did try a variety of diaper brands before I was sure which ones I liked well enough to keep using.


It only takes a few diapers to determine if you HATE a diaper or it doesn’t work for your baby. But it can take a while to fall deeply in love with a diaper brand.

Most of the premium eco-friendly diaper brands that offer “free” trials of their diapers send 6-10 diapers (spoiler alert, they aren't really free). They want you to fall in love with their diapers (plus they automatically subscribe you to their costly monthly subscriptions). 


Diaper Dabbler Diaper Sample Packs 


Diaper Dabbler sells Diaper Sampler Packages, so parents can try a variety of diaper brands in ONE package. Each diaper brand is packaged in 3-packs. We believe 3 is the magic number to find out if you like it, hate it or would use it again. Each of our Diaper Variety Packages come with a Diaper Brand Rating Card for parents to keep track of all the brands they try.