How to Get the Diapers you Really Want from Your Baby Shower

by Julie Siewert September 09, 2018

How to Get the Diapers you Really Want from Your Baby Shower

You know that one of the biggest expenses you will face during the baby years is diapering your baby. While you have all these well-meaning friends and relatives buying the baby gifts, NOW is the time to get some of what you want, too…diapers!

These tips work great, whether you plan to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers.

How to get the Diapers you Really Want from Your Baby Shower 

Make sure you register for diapers

Diapers should be on every baby registry. If you think you know which brand of diapers you’d like to use with your baby, go ahead and register for each size! (you can always return or exchange the unopened boxes later if you find your baby doesn’t agree with your choice of diapers)

If you’re registering in store, it’s easy to find and scan the diapers you want. If you have an online baby registry, you can locate your favorite diapers online (on Amazon, any big box store, or direct from the manufacturer’s website) and add them to your registry.

Need help? In our Exploring Baby Registries Series, we’ve broken down the steps for adding diapers to each of the online baby registries. See how to do it here


Tell your friends what you want

Many people will just ask you (or your mom) what you want for the baby instead of looking at your registry. Be honest. If you want diapers, ask for diapers! If you don’t say it, you may end up with a few more white onesies or frilly pink tutus.

Share some Facebook posts, make a new Pinterest board, share it in your Instagram stories! Your friends want to know what you want.

Pro tip: follow your favorite diaper brands on social media, they’ll likely give you some good sharing (hinting) material.

Check out Diaper Dabbler on FacebookInstagram or Pinterest!


Tell your friends you want a Diaper Shower

You might want to give your girls the hint that you want a Diaper Shower to stock up on diapers before baby comes. This is a great post that breaks down the different kinds of diaper showers. Go ahead and share it on Facebook and tag them, they’ll probably appreciate knowing what you want.


 Mega Mom Diaper Sampler Package

A Diaper Sampler Package, like this Mega Mom Diaper Variety Package, is a great way to try a variety of diaper brands quickly and easily, before opening up your diaper stockpile.

Add one to your baby registry.


Use gift cards to buy diapers

You will probably get gift cards from your Baby Shower or in cards once the baby arrives. Use these for diapers! It’s handy to have a stash of gift cards set aside that you know you can spend on diapers.


How did YOU get the diapers you wanted for your baby shower? Drop your favorite ideas in the comments.



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