Corporate Gift-Giving: How to Celebrate Families with a Diaper Dabbler Variety Package

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find the perfect gift for new parents AND make the process of re-ordering super-simple for your business or church? We can help with that.
With a variety package of diaper samples, new parents get to try sample-size packages of multiple brands of diapers. This makes it simple and convenient to find just the right diaper for their new baby.
Mega Mom Diaper Variety Package     
Here at Diaper Dabbler, we have the perfect new parent gift. Diaper Variety Packages can be customized based on your preferences and budget. We can help you find your perfect gift, wrap it and get it sent to your gift recipient. We can set up a standard gift message from your business, or you can write a new one each time.
Gift Message Green Ribbon Gift Message Purple Ribbon
If you meet minimum quantity ordering, we can set up monthly billing for your church or business, saving you the time of placing the order yourself. You will have one person to connect with here at Diaper Dabbler (no explaining yourself, business or situation to multiple employees).
Newborn Babes Diaper Variety Package     
1. Decide on your gift. The Mega Mom or Newborn Babes Diaper Variety Packages are our most popular, but you can choose from any of our packages or create a custom order.
2. Receive a custom quote based on your reorder rate (how often you expect to send gifts) and any customizations requested.
3. Provide custom details about your church or business. We can set up a standard gift message and ribbon color for every gift, or customize each one based on your needs.
4. Provide billing/payment information. Recurring orders can be billed to your business/church on a monthly basis, provided our minimum order quantity is met. Or you can place each gift order individually. We can ship directly to your gift recipient.
5. Order your gifts as needed! A quick email or use a pre-arranged link for ordering ease.
6. Of course, you can make changes at any time. Just ask!
Newborn Babes gift box       
Email to get started.
Need another reason to feel good about your gift choice with Diaper Dabbler? We use eco-friendly packaging on all our gifts. All orders include a FREE sample of eco-friendly baby wipes and a Diaper Brand Rating Card so parents can keep track of which diapers worked for them.