Confessions of a Part-time Cloth Diapering Mama: How I Fail at Full-time Cloth Diapering Without the Guilt

I have a confession to make. I cloth diaper my kids. And I use disposable diapers, too. Gasp! And you know what? I don’t really care what others have to say about it anymore. I’m free now from the guilt of “not doing enough”.

You see, with my first baby I was a hard-core cloth diaper mama. I had that boy in cloth rain or shine (and oh, was there rain!). When he was 3 months old we went away to an out of town wedding. For a variety of reasons, we put him in disposable diapers for that weekend, and the whole weekend I felt guilty. I literally did the sneaky “peer around the corner” trick at Walmart while buying said disposables. I fought a hard-won battle to keep all the pee inside the cloth diaper all night long. Growing child, changing shape and a tendency to pee ‘all at once all in the same place’ made finding the right cloth diaper routine a constant challenge. But I read and researched and washed and stripped and did everything I could to keep my child in cloth all the time. And it worked. He’s a happy, healthy potty-trained child now.

Fast forward a few years and now I’ve got a second baby and big brother’s stash of cloth diapers. Of course I’m going to cloth diaper again! I loved the ease of potty training while wearing cloth, and the adorable prints those cloth diapers come in! And don’t even get me started on the cost savings, I love washing instead of buying diapers!

     Confessions of a Part-time Cloth Diapering Mama Pinterest

I put my second child in cloth diapers from the hour we got home from the hospital. I knew what I was doing, there was no learning curve this time! Hubs was even more on board this time, since he already knew what to expect from the diapering end of things.

But you know what I’m short of with my second child? Time and patience. I no longer have the luxury of studying the entire internet to figure out why this diaper isn’t as absorbent as I need it to be. I can’t be washing sheets every day because someone is a super-soaker when she sleeps. And for heaven sakes, sometimes I need a diaper to hold longer than 2 hours!

"I have given myself permission to use a few disposable diapers to keep me from ditching cloth entirely

So we started using disposable diapers at night to keep the sheets dry (most nights). And for trips to the store and longer car rides. And when she goes to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. And occasionally when the dirty diaper laundry doesn’t get done fast enough. And you know what? I’m ok with it. I have given myself permission to be a part-time cloth diapering mama. No guilt, no regrets. I tried samples of a bunch of eco-friendly diaper brands to find out which fit the best, leaked the least and fit my personal priorities. And then I buy the big box on Amazon, and it lasts a LONG time, since we only use a couple disposable diapers every day.

I’m happy and less stressed, my pocketbook is content with only buying diapers occasionally, and my children are both happy and well-adjusted.

While it seems to last forever while you’re in the thick of it, the diapering stage really only lasts for a little while. I’m making the most of it with no regrets.

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