When you only need a few diapers in each size: The Caregiver's Choice Diaper Sampler Pack

by Julie Siewert April 12, 2017

When you only need a few diapers in each size: The Caregiver's Choice Diaper Sampler Pack

What do you do when you just need a few diapers as a backup, to “cover your behind” so to speak?

The Caregiver’s Choice Diaper Sampler package contains 6 diapers in each of the sizes from newborn through size 6. That’s 42 diapers total. This is perfect for the in-home daycare, church nursery and foster parents. This is also a convenient pack to use for parents to have in the car or in your disaster preparedness kit.

The idea for creating a package like this came from a foster parent. I’ve been contacted a few times by various people asking for a package that has various size diapers, and most were foster parents. Foster parents often receive emergency placements in the middle of the night (because that’s when the “emergencies” often happen), and many times the kids will come with just the clothes (and diaper) on their little bodies. Foster parents are expected to provide diapers for the kids in their care, but aren’t paid enough to keep a box of diapers on hand in each size-that could be more than $100! A small package with a few diapers in each size would get these foster parents through the day, until they could go to the store and pick up more diapers. A little preparedness goes a long way when you’re dealing with the unpredictability of the fostercare system.
Caregiver's Choice Diaper Sampler Package: a few diapers in each size
We all know we’re supposed to keep our kids’ diapers in our disaster prep kit, but who actually makes sure the current size diaper is stocked and ready to go? Probably the same people that have food and water packed and actually rotate it. ;) For me, one small box of diapers that has each size will have the right size for my little one, with minimal effort from me. And it’s got enough diapers to (probably) get us through the day.

Do you keep a “car diaper kit”? This is a great idea, to keep a box of diapers in various sizes in the car along with wipes and some random sized clothing. Just in case. For a family that is on the go a lot, this would be a lifesaver! I know I’ve been caught out without the diaper bag (or, gasp, the diaper bag contains no diapers!) and was digging through the back hoping to find just one diaper. And having each size diaper in a package means I think of it once (when I’m putting it in the car), and then not again until I have to use it. And the diapers will be there when you need it, like magic!
5 star review: Great for a Pediatric Office
If you work at a daycare, run one in your home or volunteer at your church nursery, you know that parents are supposed to provide diapers for their own kids. But, much like real life, accidents happen. Parents forget, you forget, or a little someone gets sick and unexpectedly goes through a bunch more diapers than anyone was expecting. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little safety net? Just a few extra diapers tucked away for those extreme “OMG we have no diapers!” times. A package like this beats having to run to the store with a child wrapped in a t-shirt diaper.

With this Caregivers Choice diaper sampler package, you will receive 6 diapers in each size (total of 42 diapers); comprised of one 3-pack of each of the following diapers and sizes:
Newborn size Huggies Little Snugglers™
Newborn size Pampers Swaddlers™
Size 1 Huggies Little Snugglers™
Size 1 Pampers Swaddlers™
Size 2 Huggies Snug & Dry™
Size 2 Pampers Baby Dry™
Size 3 Huggies Little Movers™
Size 3 Pampers Cruisers™
Size 4 Huggies Little Movers™
Size 4 Pampers Cruisers™
Size 5 Huggies Little Movers™
Size 5 Pampers Cruisers™
Size 6 Huggies Little Movers™
Size 6 Pampers Cruisers™
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For all the ideal uses that I’ve thought of, I bet there’s more. Where would YOU use a sampler package with all of the diaper sizes?

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