Where do Parents Buy Eco-Friendly Diapers?

Where can parents find eco-friendly diapers? Is it only online?

A friend of mine (who apparently lives in the middle of nowhere) asked this question the other day. And she’s not the only new parent wanting to go a little greener in the nursery while balancing the reality of Mommy Brain and middle-of-the-night diaper runs. Where do you buy eco-friendly diapers?

Obviously, it will depend where you live. In the “big city” you’ll find a different selection than you will in Hodunk-ville. Here’s what I know, from living where I live and shopping where I shop and buying a whole lot of diapers.

You can buy all diapers online. Duh. Most brands have websites where you can either buy directly from them, or they’ll tell you where you where you can buy their diapers.

Amazon carries everything. They’ve got all the brands you’ve heard of, and many you haven’t. You can even try samples of a bunch of eco-friendly diapers on Amazon. ;) With Amazon Prime, you get free 2-day shipping. This can often be the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to order your favorite eco-friendly diaper brands.

Which eco-friendly diapers can you find in stores? That is the million dollar question. And the answer is, it depends. My local Target carries Seventh Generation diapers, Babyganics diapers and Honest Company diapers. One of my local Babies R Us stores carries Earth’s Best diapers. My local Walmart just started carrying Seventh Generation. I have heard of some boutique stores, and some eco-friendly local parenting shops carrying brands like Bambo Nature or Naty. But not every town has all these stores. (No Target? How do you even survive?!) And not every store in every city carries the same things, so you’ll have to do the scouting yourself.

What do you do when you want to use eco-friendly diapers but live amidst cornfields with no Target in sight? First off, find which diapers you love, like and won’t use. It’s good to have options. Buy your favorite diapers in bulk online (through Amazon Prime, if you have it), but for those middle of the night, OMG-honey-we’re-out-of-diapers emergency, know what you can go-to as a backup. If you HAVE TO go to your local store to buy a bag of diapers to get you through until your next Amazon order comes, what will you choose? Make sure you’ve thought it through and tried out the diapers, so you know what will work in a pinch and not give you a wet lap or your baby a rash. Store brand or name brand, you don’t have to love the ingredients or the philosophy behind your backup diaper, but it needs to work.

Mother Earth Variety Pack of Eco-Friendly Diaper Samples

Store brand, name brand or eco-friendly diapers, it’s good to know what fits your baby, your life and your priorities. You can order variety packs of diaper samples to try out each diaper brand on YOUR unique baby. With the Prepared Parent variety package, you get to #tryallthediapers. The Mega Mom Diaper Variety Pack will let you try the name brand diapers and all the eco-friendly choices. The Modest Mama Variety Pack gives you some name brand and store brand diapers. The Mother Earth Diaper Variety Pack is just the eco-friendly diapers. Or you can build your own custom diaper sampler with the diapers that YOU want to try.

Do you have a go-to diaper and a backup diaper? What are they and where do you buy them?