Diaper Brand Spotlight Series: Abby & Finn

Continuing our Diaper Brand Spotlight series, today we’re focusing on Abby&Finn diapers. What's in them, what isn't in them, where they're made and what I like about them.


With gazillions of different diaper brands out there, it’s hard to know which ones to buy for your baby. By doing your research and comparing the brands, you can narrow down the list of diapers you’d like to try. Here we’ve gathered all the information about Abby&Finn diapers in one convenient post for you.


*Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Abby&Finn™. I’m just a mama who knows how to use her keyboard to find information. Any mistakes or inaccuracies in this post are my own, and I will gladly correct them with the right information, once I know about it. To find further information about Abby&Finn diapers, visit their website www.abbyandfinn.com.


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The basics about Abby&Finn diapers

Abby & Finn offers a Diaper Subscription service, they are not available in stores. You order their monthly package from their website, and they send it right to you with free shipping. They offer both diapers and wipes.

Abby&Finn is a huge supporter of families in need. For every monthly diaper subscription sold, they donate a diaper a day to families in need (that’s 30 diapers donated per monthly subscription).

Abby&Finn diapers are NOW available in Diaper Dabbler Sampler Packages.


Diaper Samples 


My review of Abby&Finn diapers

Here’s my completely subjective review of Abby&Finn diapers. These diapers feel ‘sturdy’ like some other eco-friendly brands. I wouldn’t call them ‘fluffy’ like Huggies diapers, but more ‘sturdy’ like Earth’s Best diapers. They are quite trim.

Their prints are very cute, I can see why so many people compare these to Honest Company diapers.

Abby&Finn diapers run a little small. You’ll notice their size 2 diapers are about the same size as a mainstream brand’s size 1 diaper (this is why Diaper Dabbler is carrying Abby&Finn’s size 2 diapers in their standard size 1 Samplers). Their Size 3 diapers are pretty close to a standard size 3 diaper.

Never fear, you can see their size chart below to find the right size diaper for your baby.


Baby wearing an Abby & Finn diaper


What’s NOT in an Abby&Finn diaper?

-No chlorine

-No heavy metals

-No dyes

-No latex

-No fragrance

-No lotions or moisturizers


Abby & Finn diapers and wipes


What’s in an Abby&Finn diaper?

Abby&Finn diapers contain totally chlorine free wood pulp. The wood pulp is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Abby&Finn diapers also contain SAP (super absorbent polymer).

Abby&Finn products are Cruelty Free and Vegan (which means they do not conduct, contract out or fund studies on animals in the development, manufacturing, testing or marketing of their products).


Where are Abby&Finn diapers made?

Abby&Finn diapers are assembled in a Belgium-owned facility in Mexico from ingredients made in Europe and the USA.

Abby&Finn wipes are made in New Zealand.


Mother Earth Diaper Sampler Package

Sample 6 brands of eco-friendly diapers in the Mother Earth Diaper Sampler Package size 1 or size 3. NOW INCLUDING Abby&Finn™ diapers!


Abby&Finn Sizing

Size 1 Up to 12 lbs.
Size 2 10-16 lbs.
Size 3 14-26 lbs.
Size 4 20-35 lbs.
Size 5 27 + lbs. 
Size 6 35 + lbs.


Note: these diapers run slightly different than the "standard" diaper sizes. Double-check the weight and size before trying these diapers.

Diaper Dabbler is now carrying Abby&Finn size 2 diapers in our size 1 Diaper Sampler Packages, as the Abby&Finn size 2 lines up closer to the "standard" size 1 diapers. Size 3 is pretty close to a "standard" size 3 diaper.


Abby&Finn boasts that their eco-friendly diapers are available at prices less than their name brand counterparts.


Diaper Samples



But how do Abby&Finn diapers work?

The reviews online are pretty positive, but you won’t know how a diaper works for YOUR baby until you give them a try!


Build your own custom Diaper Sampler Package size 1

Build your own Custom Diaper Sampler Package size 3


Abby&Finn diapers are NOW AVAILABLE in Diaper Dabbler’s Sampler Packages! Find them in the Mother Earth Diaper Sampler Package size 1 or size 3, Mega Mom Diaper Sampler Package, Prepared Parent Diaper Sampler Package, or Build your own custom Diaper Sampler Package in size 1 or size 3.


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Thank you to Ashworth Imagery and Kimberly Barnes Photography for the photos!