Giving Back: Dollars for Diapers


Diaper Dabbler donated 16 sample packs of diapers to the Fox Cities Diaper Bank during the Dollars to Diapers Campaign. We are so pleased to give back to the community that we live and work in.

This is my favorite donation helper:

Donate Diaper Sample Packs 


Diaper Dabbler has a strong commitment to giving back. We can be found planting trees to save the world, donating to our local diaper bank or volunteering with our favorite cloth diaper charity. It is one of our major ways to give back to the community that cares for and supports us.

The month of September is the annual Dollars for Diapers campaign in my local community. National Diaper Need Awareness Week falls on the last week of this fundraiser. Our Fox Cities Diaper Bank receives the donations from this event which help them provide diapers to 900 local children per month.

Babies without diapers and parents that have to make the choice between food and diapers breaks my mama heart. And I can help in a small way.

During the month of September, Diaper Dabbler will be donating one sample pack of diapers for every Diaper Variety Package sold.


Giving Back Dollars for Diapers on Pinterest

If you would like more information about the campaign, you can contact the Fox Cities Diaper Bank directly or read the newspaper article about the Dollars for Diapers campaign. Please consider making a donation to your own local diaper bank (or mine!) during this Diaper Need Awareness week/month.

We’ll post our results on the blog and on social media.