How are Diaper Sample Packs Made?

Have you wondered how Diaper Sample Packs are packaged? Some people love to know the 'behind the scenes' footage, and some parents want to specifically know how their diapers have been handled.

Diaper Dabbler makes Diaper Sample Packs every day, and SO MANY brands! We carry more than 20 brands of diapers and sell Diaper Sampler Packages all over the US and Canada. That's a LOT of Diaper Samples!



All our Diaper Sample Packs are made by hand, (clean hands😉) with tender loving care.

Once a diaper brand's bulk packaging is opened, the diapers are packaged right away into their individual 3-pack Diaper Sample Packs. The diapers are packaged into resealable plastic cello bags and labeled for both brand and size. The Diaper Sample Packs are then ready to be used to create Diaper Sampler Packages for our customers!


Want to know why we use 3 diapers for every Diaper Sample Pack?


Diaper Dabbler's Diaper Sampler Packages make amazing Baby Shower gifts or new parent gifts, like our Mega Mom Diaper Sampler Package or our Newborn Babes Diaper Sampler Package.

New parents also love to build their own custom Diaper Sampler Package, where they can choose from any of our 20+ brands and make their own Package in Newborn, Size 1 or Size 3.


Prepared Parent Diaper Sampler Package

You can #tryallthediapers with the Prepared Parent Diaper Sampler Package!


SO helpful!

Thank you so much for making my life far easier. My husband and I both have sensitive skin and will probably have to try a few different diaper brands on our baby before we find the one we and the baby like best. I love how these came nicely packaged with clear labels. Such a huge time and money saver!!

-A. Dean



Love it!

Absolutely loved this service! My daughter is in between sizes and this was AWESOME because I got to explore diapers I would have never thought to use and now I found the perfect fit.

-J. Jamie


Any other questions about our Diaper Sampler Packages, check out our Frequently Asked Questions on our website or email