Giving Back: Changing Diapers and Planting Trees 2017

Since 2016, Diaper Dabbler has been planting trees with our friends at One Tree Planted. Based on sales of our eco-friendly Mother Earth Diaper Variety Package, we donate the funds to plant trees. This is one small way we, as a business, can give back to our Earth.

Planting trees is one part of a broad focus on environmental responsibility. You can read more about our environmental commitment here.

Drumroll please...

Changing Diapers and Planting Trees Pinterest

In 2017 Diaper Dabbler planted 36 trees! Thanks to our partner One Tree Planted, my hands didn't even get dirty while doing it.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. I can't wait to see how many trees we can plant in 2018! 

Do you want to help plant more trees? You can order a Mother Earth Diaper Variety Package for a new parent you know.


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