Diaper Brand Spotlight Series: Earth & Eden

by Julie Siewert November 13, 2018

Diaper Brand Spotlight Series: Earth & Eden

The newest eco-friendly diaper available on Amazon is called Earth & Eden. Many Moms are wondering how eco-friendly is this new diaper, and is it worth trying it out? Continuing our Diaper Brand Spotlight Series, we’re focusing on the NEW Earth & Eden diapers.


*Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Earth & Eden™. I’m just a mama who knows how to use her keyboard to find information. Any mistakes or inaccuracies in this post are my own, and I will gladly correct them with the right information, once I know about it. To find further information about Earth & Eden diapers, visit their website www.earthandedenbrand.com/.


Earth & Eden diapers were introduced in 2018 and includes sizes Newborn through size 7. Earth & Eden diapers contain NO lotions, NO fragrances, NO parabens, NO chlorine bleaching and NO latex. They include the use of “premium” cotton and are hypoallergenic. Earth & Eden diapers do contain sustainably-sourced wood fluff pulp. They are not tested on animals, and printed with non-toxic water-based inks. Earth & Eden diapers do have a wetness indicator in all sizes.


Diaper Brand Spotlight Series: Earth & Eden


My review of Earth & Eden diapers

Here’s my completely subjective review of Earth & Eden diapers. These are very soft and trim diapers. They look to be "wide" and may fit bigger babies well. One Mom in our Facebook community who tried these diapers said: 

"they're quite absorbent, and very high quality for a 'green diaper'. I also love the fact that it has a wetness indicator. I've noticed that with green diapers, it's hard to mask the smell of urine. I didn't see that issue with this brand. In fact, they kind of reminded me of the Pampers Pure diapers...with better quality flaps." -Vee S.


Earth & Eden Diaper Sampler Pack

photo credit: @bridgetherediaphoto


Where are Earth & Eden diapers made?

Earth & Eden diapers are made in the USA, specifically in Pennsylvania and Georgia.


What ingredients are in Earth & Eden diapers?

(This is taken directly from their sales page on Amazon)

“Sustainably sourced wood fluff pulp (Elemental Chlorine Free), Sodium polyacrylate (absorbent pad), polyethylene/polypropylene (core wrap, inner and outer liners, leg cuff, moisture barrier, fastening system), cotton blend dryness layer, polymer based elastic film and strands – free of natural latex rubber (fastening system, waistband, and leg elastics), non-toxic water based inks (pigment based for external printed designs), adhesives.”


Earth & Eden sizes:

Newborn up to 10 lbs.
Size 1 8-14 lbs.
Size 2 12-18 lbs.
Size 3 16-28 lbs.
Size 4 22-37 lbs.
Size 5 27+ lbs.
Size 6 35+ lbs.
Size 7 45+ lbs.


 Build Your Own Custom Diaper Sampler Package

Our Custom Diaper Sampler Packages now include Earth & Eden diapers in size 1 and size 3! You can try and compare a variety of diaper brands all in one package.


But how do they work?

If you check the reviews on Amazon, they look good so far. This is a new diaper, so the reviews are just starting to roll in. But you won't know how they work for YOUR baby until you give them a try!


 Build your own Custom Diaper Sampler Package size 1

Build your own Custom Diaper Sampler Package size 3


Diaper Dabbler is now carrying sample-size packages of Earth & Eden diapers in Size 1 and Size 3. Try a sample for yourself, and get a few other brands to compare side-by-side. What do you like best?


Earth & Eden diapers are available in our Custom Diaper Sampler Packages in size 1 and size 3, as well as our Natural Choice for New Babies Diaper Sampler Package and Prepared Parent Diaper Sampler Package.


Looking for more information on all the brands? Check out our Diaper Brand Research & Information page and our Diaper Brand Spotlight series posts.


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