Diaper Brand Spotlight Series: Aleva Naturals

by Julie Siewert September 28, 2018

Diaper Brand Spotlight Series: Aleva Naturals

With gazillions of different diaper brands out there, it’s hard to know which ones to buy for your baby. By doing your research and comparing the brands, you can narrow down the list of diapers you’d like to try.

Continuing our Diaper Brand Spotlight Series, here we’ve compiled the available information about Aleva Naturals diapers in one convenient post for you.


*Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Aleva Naturals™. I’m just a mama who knows how to use her keyboard to find information. Any mistakes or inaccuracies in this post are my own, and I will gladly correct them with the right information, once I know about it. To find further information about Aleva Naturals diapers, visit their website at www.alevanaturals.com.


Let’s start with my completely subjective opinion of Aleva Naturals diapers. These are THE SOFTEST diapers ever! I know bamboo is soft, but this is the softest diaper I have ever felt. If I had to wear diapers, I’d be looking at these. These are one of the more expensive diapers on the market. Aleva Naturals diapers run bigger than some of the standard diapers, I’m not sure their smallest size would fit on most newborn babies. I believe these diapers are fragrance-free, but I cannot find any information online about this. They don’t smell strongly, like so many other diapers.


Diaper Brand Spotlight Series: Aleva Naturals


The basics:

Aleva Naturals diapers are a premium eco-friendly diaper. They are available on Amazon or through the Aleva Naturals website.

Aleva Naturals diapers are made in China (where bamboo is grown).

Aleva Naturals diapers are Certified Vegan and Animal Cruelty-free.

They are biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

Aleva Naturals diapers are made with unbleached bamboo. Bamboo has a natural anti-bacterial property called Bamboo-Kuhn, so bleaching the bamboo is not necessary. Because of this, their diapers are chlorine-free.

Aleva Naturals diapers do have a wetness indicator.


Aleva Naturals diaper baby model


The sizing for Aleva Naturals diapers does vary slightly from “standard” US diaper sizing, but only by a few pounds. Always look at how the diaper fits when deciding what size to use.

NB-1 4-9 lbs.
Size 2 6-17 lbs.
Size 3 13-24 lbs.
Size 4 20-30 lbs.


Aleva Naturals diapers are only available up to size 4.

Aleva Naturals also makes a full line of baby and maternal skincare products. They also make fantastic biodegradable bamboo baby wipes.


Mother Earth Diaper Sampler Package size 1

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But how do they work?

If you check the reviews on Amazon, they look good overall. But you won’t know how these will work on YOUR baby until you try them!


Looking for more information on all the brands? Check out our Diaper Brand Research and Information page and our Diaper Brand Spotlight series posts.


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