Best Newborn Diapers

by Julie Siewert December 17, 2020

Best Newborn Diapers

What are you looking for when you are choosing a diaper brand for your newborn baby? Since you’re likely thinking about this while you’re still pregnant (before the baby is born), you won’t know key factors like how the diaper fits or if your baby has sensitive skin.

There are several factors that new parents may look at when choosing a diaper for their baby; cost, accessibility, reviews, what’s in them (or NOT in them) and where they are made.


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Photo of 7 Diaper Sample Packs in a white gift box with a gift card

The Newborn Babes Diaper Sampler Package gives new parents the option to try a variety of diaper brands.


"I'm so happy to have found a site that offers sampler packages of a variety of brands! I hear so many stories of babies having sensitivity issues, so it's nice to have this option and not have to waste whole packages if a brand doesn't work.
Also, very speedy shipping!" -Kristen C.


How much do diapers cost?

Diapers aren’t cheap. There is no way around that. When calculating how much diapers cost, most people calculate it in cost per diaper. If a box of diapers contains 200 diapers and it costs $20, the diapers cost $.10 per diaper.

Name brand diapers like Huggies, Pampers and Luvs are widely available and you can often find sales and coupons for them. These diapers range in price, but overall are moderately priced options.

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Store brand diapers are another low-cost diapering option. Most stores have their own store brand; Target has Up & Up diapers and Walmart has Parent’s Choice. These can sometimes be comparable to name brand diapers in cost and value. Not all parents love store brand diapers, and not all store’s brand diapers hold up as well as their name brand counterparts.

Eco-friendly diapers cost more than their mainstream counterparts. There is no way around that. Some are pricier than others. But if you value their ecological impact, or if your baby is sensitive to some chemicals commonly found in other diapers, these are great diapers and definitely warrant consideration.

Amazon has a Subscribe & Save program though Amazon Family, where you can schedule your deliveries of diapers right to your door and save 20% off. This is often the very best deal for you if you have an Amazon Prime membership and once you know which brand of diapers is the right one for your baby.


Baby in a diaper with diapers fanned out next to him


Where do I buy diapers?

When deciding on what brand of diapers to buy, you should consider where you want to buy diapers. Is it important to you to be able to get your diapers locally? Do you want to be able to pick up diapers when you are out running errands or grocery shopping? If you’re looking at store brand diapers, you’ll want to consider if that store is local to you or if you shop there regularly.

Is online shopping right for you? Do you have an Amazon Prime membership? Are you a planner and able to wait for shipping or are you a “oh my goodness we just used the last diaper” kind of family?

Name brand diapers are available almost everywhere, store brand diapers are only available at their stores (think Target, Walmart, Walgreens), some eco-friendly diapers are available at retail stores, but most are only available online.

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Photo of baby surrounded by diapers with a letterboard "because every baby is different"


Do other parents like these diapers?

Many new parents like to read reviews when deciding about baby items. I find that most diaper reviews aren’t too helpful. What brand works for one baby may not work for another. So one million Moms will rate a brand 5 stars, and another million Moms will rate it 1 star.

Popularity can lend some advice when choosing a diaper brand. Ask your Mom friends what they used and what they loved. Online forums will tell you some popular diaper brands as well.

Diaper Dabbler’s Diaper Sampler Packages include most of the popular brands of diapers, and some you may not have considered.

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Baby laying on floor with diapers surrounding his head with red-haired woman leaning over him


Diaper materials

What is in a diaper is often a consideration for parents of babies with sensitive skin. Some ingredients may be irritating to baby’s sensitive tushy. If you know your baby may have sensitivities (for example, if Mom or Dad have sensitive skin), you may choose a diaper with fewer chemicals.

Luckily most diaper brand publish information about what’s in their diapers. Diaper Dabbler has compiled this information together. See Diaper Brand Research and Information Page.

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Which Diaper Brands are Hypoallergenic?


sitting baby holding a Diaper Sample Pack with a box full of Diaper Sample Packs next to him


Where are diapers made?

Where diapers are manufactured is a point of pride for some diaper brands, and some parents. If a diaper brand’s point of origin is important to you, that may sway your decision about what to buy.

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There is a lot to consider when choosing a diaper brand for your newborn baby. Do your research, narrow down the choices and plan to try a variety of diaper brands to find the perfect diaper for your baby.


Happy diapering!

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