Small Shop Gifts for Mamas, Babies and Moms-to-be

by Julie Siewert November 16, 2020

Small Shop Gifts for Mamas, Babies and Moms-to-be

This year, many people are looking to support Small Shops, local stores or Mom-owned businesses with their gift purchases instead of corporate chain stores. There are so many good reasons to help support small businesses, this year small businesses need you more than ever. PLUS the added bonus that you can find more unique gifts when you shop small!

As a small business owner myself, I love "shopping small" during the holiday season and always. A gift guide like this is one more way I can help support my business owner friends.

None of the gifts included in this guide are mass-produced or 'knock-off' items from China. These are small businesses that I know and love, with gifts for Mom, Mom-to-be and baby. Enjoy!


Photo of Mother and two babies in front of a Christmas tree with text "small shop gifts for mamas, babies and moms to be" 


Gifts for Mom

The Columbia Fragrance Co has a Candle of the Month Club. Trying a new scent every month sounds like a great gift!

Photo of a two wick burning candle on a table with a small lion statue


A hydrosol from Be Kind Botanicals might be just what Mom needs to compliment her beauty and uplift her spirits on on tough days.

A Pink rose behind a spray bottle with label reading "Rose Hydrosol" from Be Kind Botanicals


For writing Moms, this gorgeous Leather Journal from Jenni Bick Custom Journals would be well-loved and practical.

Photo of teal journal with wrap with silver embossing in lower right corner "positive vibes only"


An Essential Ink Pen and Oil Gift Set would be the perfect gift for the Mom who has everything! From Essential Ink.

Photo of Essential Oil pen and bottle of essential oil with a lavender flower and in the background a gift boxed set of same pen with essential oil bottle


From RioMar Designs, a versatile zippered pouch is perfect for the Mom on the go or just a Mom who carries all of the things with her. This year, that may be extra masks, wipes and sanitizer. In the future, it would be great to carry small toiletries for traveling.

Set of 3 zippered pouches in blue, black and red with "so essential" printed on the bags. Background of gift wrapped boxes in blue and red


Gifts for Mom-to-be

From Modern Merrigold Jewelry Co, the perfect encouraging gift for any Mom-to-be. Who wouldn't love this sweet baby feet necklace?

Photo of silver necklace with imprinted baby feet on charm. Text on the card "you're going to be an amazing mother" reads " 


Stylish and useful, a Labor and Delivery gown from Dressed to Deliver is an affordable (and washable!) luxury for a new Mom. Why use a boring uncomfortable hospital gown when you can have your own beautiful birthing gown?! 

Pregnant woman in floral Labor and Delivery Gown sitting on bed


Bloomiss has whipped up a delicious-smelling Mochalicious Body Butter that would be great not only on dry hands and feet, but on your baby bump as well!

Three tins of Mochalicious body butter with a cup of frothy coffee and coffee beans scattered on a table 


Clothes are always a hit, especially when Mama may not have much that fits her! Epiphany Boutique has a maternity and non-maternity lines of stylish clothing.

Pregnant blond model wearing a long mauve maternity sweatshirt with a cowl neck.   


Every Mom needs a good baby carrier. Mama & Roo Supplement Co. has an amazing assortment of baby carriers, products for the baby wearing Mama, cloth diapers, baby accessories and so much more!

 Woman with baby in a multicolor striped baby carrier. Baby is worn on woman's back.


Gifts for Baby

From Mod Bunny Co, a sweet gown set made from organic cotton and bamboo

Love Bug Gown + Hat set


Every baby needs diapers, but which brand? A Diaper Sampler Package from Diaper Dabbler gives new parents the chance to try a variety of diaper brands in ONE BOX.   

7 Diaper Sample Packs in a white gift box


From Bamboobino, a useful Baby Gift Basket featuring a plush panda, hooded wrap, washcloths and a baby hat.

Bamboo basket with hooded baby wrap, washcloths, baby hat and plush panda

An adorable stain-proof 'Grow-with-me' romper might be just what Santa ordered this year from Snug Bub.

White romper with two penguins on front


Hand-knitted from organic cotton yarn, this guy is soft and snuggly while supporting a good cause! Check out all the knit toys and more from Bebemoss.

Knit beige bear with brown nose, white feet and a orange/pink scarf


I hope you enjoy finding new and unique small businesses to shop from this holiday season and beyond.

Happy shopping!


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