Favorite Gifts from my Baby Registry

by Julie Siewert November 05, 2020

Favorite Gifts from my Baby Registry

It is easy to find lists of what you need to add to your baby registry. But after you add all the cute baby things that you NEED, you go to your Mom or your girlfriends and ask WHAT DID YOU LOVE?

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One of my good friends is pregnant with her first baby, and she asked me (an “experienced” Mom of two) what were my favorite gifts I registered for, what I loved and what I didn’t really need. Oh boy! I don’t know if she knew what she was getting herself in for when she asked for my opinion.

Sorry, girlfriend. You get a blog post dedicated to my favorite things I got from my baby registry, or didn’t get and had to buy for myself.


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Which Baby Registry are you using?

Hopefully you are using a Universal Baby Registry, where you can register for gifts from anywhere. Some of my favorite gifts are from small online shops, while others are from Etsy or Amazon. With a universal Baby Registry, you can register for gifts from all over. Babylist, Blueprint and MyRegistry are some of my favorite online universal baby registries. Did you know that even Target Baby Registry and Amazon are universal too?

You can learn more about all the baby registries and compare them in this handy guide


My Favorite Baby Gifts

A Diaper Sampler Package is my top item you NEED to add to your baby registry. You can quickly and easily try a variety of diaper brands to find the perfect one for your baby. No need to buy whole boxes of different brands to try, you can try a variety of Diaper Sample Packs in ONE BOX! It is worth its weight in gold to know, right from the start, that you’ve got the right diaper for your baby.


Picture of a white box with 7 Diaper Sample Packs of various brands. Gift message card is partially visible tucked into box reading "Jessica and Jeremy, Congratulations on your new addition. Enjoy the change!


I breastfed both my babies. For my first, my most-used item was a breastfeeding cover. This helped me feel more comfortable about feeding my baby in public. To be honest, I did not use it at all with my second child, though.


On the same breastfeeding topic, buy all the nursing shirts! I wore these nursing camis everyday for YEARS. The nursing camis are great, because you can wear a cardigan or any other clothing over it and still keep your midsection covered while nursing. Brilliant!


What you may not know about me, is I cloth diapered my babies. My first was almost exclusively cloth diapered, while my second child wore cloth diapers part-time and disposable diapers when convenient. I wrote about part-time cloth diapering here

One of my favorite carry-over items is a good wetbag. For those who don’t know, a wetbag is a waterproof bag that you can put any wet or smelly item into and zip it closed. It keeps moisture and smells contained, and then you can wash it! For those who don’t cloth diaper, it can be used for dirty or wet baby (or Mom) clothes, exceptionally smelly or wet diapers if you don’t have access to a garbage can, wet swim suits, or so many other options! This is one versatile item I still use today even though my kids are big. Monkeyfoot Designs is my favorite brand of wetbag. Bonus points for being a small Mom-owned shop!


Wetbag hanging from silver doorknob on a white door


I am a huge fan of wearing babies. I have tried and used many baby carriers through the years and found two favorites. The Baby K’tan was a lifesaver for having a newborn. Easy to put on, no complicated wrapping or tying, you can quickly and easily snuggle up with baby on the go or just give your arms a break. Once baby gets bigger, it is time for a bigger carrier. I loved this one, but many other Moms rave about their Ergo or Tula. It’s so handy to keep your babies close while having your hands free. My babies were always so much more content (and often sleeping) when they were being carried.



Baby Gifts I Didn’t Love

I said earlier that I breastfed my babies, so we used bottles infrequently. The bottle warmer we bought was useless to us (although I passed it down to another Mama who loved having it).


Highchair cover

We never used a highchair cover. A cart cover at the grocery store, yes. But the dedicated highchair cover was never even opened.


Hopefully this list was helpful for a little extra Mom advice on what you want to make sure to add to your baby registry. Happy registering!

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