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As a pregnant Mama, the choices of diaper brands can be overwhelming! Thank goodness there are Diaper Samplers where you can try a variety of diaper brands in just ONE box.

Make sure to add your favorite Diaper Variety Package to your online baby registry so your family and friends know what you want!

Diaper Dabbler Variety Package - Gift

First, find your favorite Diaper Variety Package (see them all here). Popular choices include the Mega Mom, Newborn Babes, and Modest Mama Diaper Variety Packages. Copy the link to the package that includes the diaper brands you'd like to try.

Then, add it to your baby registry! Need help figuring out how to add to your registry? We've covered some of the most popular baby registries on our blog here:


Gugu Guru



Target Baby Registry

Amazon Baby Registry


Your friends will be so happy to know what you REALLY want for your baby!


"My sister got me one of these as a baby shower gift and I loved it. As a first-time mom, this was a great gift to get." -Karissa B.

 Pregnant mom holding Diaper Dabbler Diaper Sampler Package




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